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Heroic pervert

Someone pursues the goal of peeking with the bravery and dedication more appropriate for defending a noble cause.

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The enemy is determined and dangerous, there are traps and ambushes and many of us have already fallen. But we will not give up, cannot give up, our noble goal - of perving on hot females naked. To qualify the characters must persue the goal of peeking on naked females despite the obvious dangers of their attempts and the concerted opposition of some foe. There must be some reference to the bravery of the attempt, not necessarily by the characters themselves, a narrator will do. The struggle to peek must be compared to bravery in combat and it's nobility. Examples. Keno chi and Kense Ma trying to peek at Shigure and Miu despite Shigures multiple lethal traps. Well they did get to look at a well built blonde. The male character's in "Baka No Test" trying to peek at the girl's during the study camp. Kurtz Weber and some other guys trying to peek at the girls in a hot spring in Full Metal Panic..

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