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Alt. Proposed Title: Ruling Princess

As it says in Everything's Better with Princesses, occasionally in fiction, a princess is shown to be the absolute ruler of a realm, despite the fact that, logically, that would make her a queen. There could be a few reasons why she hasn't been crowned queen, such as the realm is explicitly a principality, they are waiting until the princess comes of age (although historically this doesn't usually happen), or the princess is only acting ruler for an incapacitated monarch. However, in fiction-land, this set-up doesn't usually even get a hand-wave. The ruler just is a princess for some inexplicable reason.


Anime and Manga
  • Princess Cagalli might count, though she prefers a different title, and she both averts and plays it straight in the series. Neither changes the fact that she's a princess and the highest official in her nation.
  • Princess Adina (Mokuba's virtual Opposite-Sex Clone), ruler of Simlow in the virtual world inYu-gi-oh

  • Princess Ozma from the Oz books
    • Princess Langwidere from Ozma of Oz is a justified example, as she is only acting ruler until the return of the Royal Family
  • Princess Jenna from the Septimus Heap series
  • Played with in the Wheel of Time when Elayne effectively rules Camelyn (the capital city) for several months as Daughter-Heir (the term princess exists, but is considered old-fashioned). This happens because there's a conflict over who should be Queen.

Video Games
  • Princess Peach in many of the Mario games
  • Princess Zelda in some, but not all Legend of Zelda games and adaptations, notably Twilight Princess, where,apparently, she was about to be crowned queen before everything started going to hell. The Brawl manual also refers to her as "queen" for what it is worth.
    • Which makes Midna, the titular Twilight Princess an example as well.

Western Animation

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