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Belly All Along
The room someone is in is revealed to be a stomach of some kind of being
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Alt title: Stomach Room Reveal

This is when characters are in a place that seems to be something other than a stomach and then it is revealed to be a stomach.

There are multiple scenarios on how this happen:
  • The characters mistook the place for a cave, especially if they didn't notice that it has a Cave Mouth.
  • The insides of the stomach is made into looking not like a stomach, either by technological, magical or mundane means.
  • The building is actually a living being.

Can lead to Kill It Through Its Stomach. Subtrope of Womb Level and related to Artificial Outdoors Display. Compare That's No Moon!.


Anime and Manga
  • Dragon Ball Z. Princess Snake tries to keep Goku in her house as long as possible then after excusing himself multiple times, she becomes indignant and reveals that she is a giant snake and that he is deep inside her stomach.
  • This happened in InuYasha. InuYasha and the gang had been walking through the various tunnels and caves of Mt. Hakurei, only to discover they had been inside Naraku the whole time.
  • One Piece. The inside of Laboon's stomach is painted as a sky. There's also an island with a house built on it. The Straw Hats think they are dreaming when they see this.
  • In Naruto, Jiraiya transforms a giant toad into a pub that he uses to lure 2 Rain Village ninjas in for him to interrogate. As soon as the ninjas got enough drunk, Jiraiya transforms it back into a toad, turning the insides of the pub into flesh.
  • The lead characters of Mind Game are swallowed by a huge tidal wave and subsequently find themselves in a dark, water world. They meet an old hermit who eventually reveals to them that they are inside a giant whale.

  • The Empire Strikes Back. The Millenium Falcon flies into a cave on an asteroid and lands. Later on, much to their surprise, the crew discovers that they're inside a giant space worm's stomach. They end up escaping the worm by the skin of its teeth (literally).

  • Happens in the beginning of the showdown of Walter Moers's book Ensel And Krete. ZCE
  • The first Nightside book has them enter a house that is actually an otherworldly creature that just looks like a house, until they work it out. Then it does the fleshy walls, dripping digestive acids thing.
  • In Simon R. Green's (the same author of the Nightside series above, and like the Nightside version is a retooled version) Forest Kingdom book Blood and Honour a castle is slowing transforming into an Eldritch Abomination (It Makes Sense in Context) and one of the changes is a suite of rooms containing a family is turned into a stomach. Sadly the heroes arrive in time only to avenge them.
  • Innocuous example: In the New Jedi Order series the Yuuzhan Vong use Organic Technology exclusively. Their buildings are really bioengineered creatures called "grashal", so this trope is in effect when you're inside one.
  • In Nomads of Gor Tarl is forced by the bad guy to enter the legendary "Yellow Pool of Turia," where he assumes an aquatic animal is going to attack him. But no; the pool itself is alive, and it digests its victims once they're in it.
  • In The Light Fantastic, Herrena sets camp in a cave with her captives Rincewind and Twoflower. They notice that there's wind in the cave, sometimes blowing outwards, sometimes inwards. Then they realize that they are in the mouth of a gigantic troll (which, on Discworld is a creature made of stone), which they mistook for a mountain.

Live-Action TV
  • In one episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the crew are trying to navigate the ship through a rather rough region of space — which is actually the insides of a gigantic spaceship-eating monster that is manipulating them psychologically. A small child who doesn't share the crew's dream of returning to Earth (and is thus unaffected by it) likens the monster to a pitcher plant.
  • In the episode "The Beast Below" of Doctor Who, The Doctor and Amy Pond fell down a garbage chute into what turned out to be the stomach of a space whale.
  • In Knightmare, one of the recurring dungeon rooms was the stomach of a monster. The team typically had to escape by using one of their items to irritate it in some way.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons module EX1 Dungeonland. If the PCs enter the house of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, it will suddenly change into a giant caterpillar with the PCs inside its stomach. Digestive fluid will pour from the walls, doing increasing damage for 10 combat rounds. If the PCs survive, the caterpillar will change back into a house and they can leave. If not, their remains will be tossed out the back door.

Video Games
  • Never Dead. Sullivan takes Nikki and then reveals to Bryce that he is actually a demon working for Asteroth. The boss battle ensues as this room in the building is revealed to be Sullivan's stomach and (somehow) begins flipping around in ways that would make you think Sullivan is a really huge giant doing extremely slow somersaults in random directions. Strangely enough Sullivan is also inside of his own stomach fighting you.
  • In one Deadlands module there is a scene where the characters explore a cave and suddenly realize they are in a rattler's mouth/esophagus/whatever. Cue Fright Checks.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog. A temporary enemy who becomes a friend at the end of the episode "The Ulcer" who is both literally and metaphorically an ulcer within his own stomach who kills uninteresting people with his stomach acid.
  • Spongebob Squarepants. The Alaskan bull worm. What Sandy thought was the worm was the worm's tongue. The "cave" turned out to be the mouth of the worm.
  • In the 1959 Warner Bros. cartoon "The Mouse that Jack Built", a mouse expy of Jack Benny tries to take his girlfriend Mary out to a new, cheap nightclub called "The Kit Kat Club". They discover after they enter that the "club" is the mouth of a real cat, disguised with doll-furnature chairs and tables.
  • The premise of the early Adventure Time episode "Belly of the Beast". Basically, Finn and Jake find a group of bears oblivious to the fact that they are partying in a monsters stomach.
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