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Telephone Answer Gag
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Someone answers a domestic phone in the manner of a receptionist, apropos of what is going on in the room at the time. eg. "Hello, Johnson Lunatic Asylum" or "Hello, Jenny's House of Love".

Often done to express frustration by the Only Sane Man in a houseful of nutters.

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Live-Action TV
  • On Just Shoot Me!, Dennis once answered the phone with "Mistress Maya's House of Discipline."

  • Done twice in one musical montage (over a period of months) in the song "Opening Doors" from Merrily We Roll Along. Frank answers the phone "Chinese Laundry" and later "Hamburg Heaven". Mary is always unfazed.

Newspaper Comics
  • A Garfield strip had Jon answer the phone under the assumption that it was Liz, answering it with the line, "Jon's Love Shack, Lip-Lock Arbuckle speaking", only to discover that it was actually Mrs. Feeny calling.

Western Animation
  • Bart Simpson would often do this when answering the phone. "Joe's Crematorium. You kill'em, we grill'em."
  • This line from the third act of the Mr. Bogus episode "Bogus To The Rescue":
    Bogus: Hellooooo, Bogus House of Heroes, nobody too rough!

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