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Biblical Event Reinterpreted
When a work of fiction (usually science-fiction) contains some alternative explaination of a well known biblical event.
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Some works of fiction (usually SF, set in the future) contain discoveries or revelations that may shed some light on events described in the Bible, that they might have looked differently than described, or actually contained some Applied Phlebotinum and had just beed interpreted as miracles by archaic people.

Because of the nature of the trope, the following examples contain unmarked spoilers.


  • Prometheus implies that there has been some connection between The Engineers and the events on Earth from 2000 years earlier. Underlined additionally by the events taking place around Christmas.

  • In Dan Simmons' Hyperion the religiously heavy "Priest's Tale" chapter introduces a quasi-alien race that "lives the way of the crossshape" and when one of them dies, he is resurrected after three days.

Video Games
  • "The Truth" in Assassin's Creed II gives us an interpretation of who Adam and Eve were and what Eden and the Apple from the Tree of Knowledge actually were.

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