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Characters sculpt a Turkey or other Food Animal out of substitution food
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Most often seen in comedy; this is when the universally hated tinned meat (SPAM) or some other (usually low-quality) substitution food is used to simulate a meal of higher quality. A character will sculpt a Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Pig or other food animal out of canned Mystery Meat, or another substitute food.

Does not cover synthetic foodstuffs in futuristic settings.

Needs More Examples.


  • An Over the Hedge strip had Verne sculpt a lookalike roast pig out of tofu, claiming that roast pig had so much cholesterol. He even claims, that it looked almost real, until it melted from being roasted over the fire.
  • Andy from FoxTrot makes these a lot. For example, when she tried to cheer Peter by making his favorite meal: By putting a tofu patty into a bun like a hamburger, cutting eggplant into strips like french fries, and and putting brown rice paste into a glass like a straw, just like a chocolate milk shake.

  • In the novel Dog and Dragon a kingdom has been in a state of war for a few generations and even the ruler's castle faces food shortages. In order to keep up appearances, feasts would be prepared out of stale bread and then the royal mage would cast a spell that would make the food look and taste like a sumptuous meal fit for royalty. Only another magic user would be able to see through the ruse.

Live-Action Television
  • Shameless (US) features a sculpted SPAM turkey for the Thanksgiving episode.
  • On M*A*S*H, the main characters sculpt a "SPAM Lamb" after Radar lets the original lamb, provided by a Greek military unit, escape so it can avoid being eaten.
  • Done in Three's Company with a phony cake Jack made from sawdust, thinking he was on his way out and trying to ruin the party. Surprisingly, Mr. Roper liked it. (Recall in an earlier episode the man ate dog food....)
  • Firefly: The crew makes a birthday cake for Simon. But since they live on a spaceship, it's made out of protein rations, which are exactly the same thing they'd had for dinner.
  • In one episode of Angel, Cordelia Chase's new boyfriend, a being from another dimension, makes her a drink called "mochra". He mentions the ingredient he needs to properly make the brew isn't available in our world. Cordy dubs the tea "mock mochra".
  • The Supersizers Eat. On the Wartime episode, they reconstructed what was apparently a common dish during WWII Britain: a Mock Duck made out of sausage.

Web Comics
  • Once in Two Lumps, Snooch ate the Thanksgiving turkey and Eben sculpted a fake out of gooshyfood. It didn't fool "Mom".

Western Animation
  • Phineas and Ferb have one such where Baljeet sculpts a chicken out of peanuts, and calls it "Peanut Chicken: so peanutty you won't even taste the chicken."
  • On SpongeBob SquarePants, someone orders a pizza from the Krusty Krab by mistake. Sensing an opportunity to make money, Mr. Krabs squashes some Krabby Patties into a pizza and sends SpongeBob and Squidward to deliver it.
  • The Simpsons had a Thanksgiving episode with a vegetarian "turkey" sculpted from tofu.
  • Played both straight and inverted with a non-food item: in Tex Avery's "What's Buzzin', Buzzard?", one of the vultures painted a flat rock to look like a T-bone steak and offered it to his friend. He ate it as if it were meat. The first vulture quickly painted his own rock and took a bite. Crunch.
  • An episode of Mr. Bogus involved Bogus chasing after an ant that had stolen his special piece of cake. The ant manages to elude Bogus for a while by painting a rock to look like a piece of cake in order to fool Bogus. When Bogus bites into the rock, he winds up breaking his teeth in the process.

Real Life
  • During WWII, meat was severely rationed so housewives often had to fake it with meat that was tough or poor quality, plus organ meats and other less-valued pieces. These were put in a grinder along with oatmeal or some other meat-extender (even soy was used) and shaped into steaks or another more appetizing form. One name for this meal was "Emergency Steak."
  • "Mock Apple Pie" dates from a time when apples weren't always around and frozen apple pies weren't plentiful and cheap. Now it's more expensive to make a mock apple pie than a real apple pie.
  • There's no actual turtle in a Mock Turtle soup, either. It uses cheap cuts of beef, fish, and chicken, brains, organ meat, a bit of wine, spices, and a few other kitchen odds and ends.

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