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Hired for their looks
Good looks are the only reason a character got a job they may or may not be qualified for.
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A character is hired for a job solely because of their good looks. Whether or not (usually not) they have the skillset or experience for the job is a non-issue for their employer who just wants some eyecandy around the workplace. Often times their good looks are a form of job security as in cases where they are glaringly incompetent their employer will often ignore or bear with it for the sake of keeping them around.

Compare to Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Casting Couch, and Nepotism.



  • In Artemis Fowl, Holly maintains that Lily Frond was only able to get a job with the LEP for being a good-looking bimbo.

  • An Evil Lawyer Joke has a law firm looking for a new secretary. The applicants are told to put their hands behind their heads and walk into a wall. If their breasts touch the wall before their elbows do, they're hired.
    • Another Evil Lawyer Joke: A law firm is told they need to hire more women and make one partner. So, they hire three women and devise a test to decide who makes partner. On their next paychecks, all of the women get overpaid by $5,000. The first takes the money and says nothing. The second returns the money immediately. The third takes the money, but comes back later with a check for $7,500, claiming she got a good stock tip and wanted to split the difference with the firm. So who made partner? The one with the biggest tits.

[[folder:Live-Action Film]]
  • The title Representative from Charlie Wilson's War purposefully surrounded himself with Sexy Secretaries, and hired them based on looks.
    'You can teach 'em to type, but you can't teach 'em to grow tits.'
  • In American Reunion [[Jerkass Stifler]] tells group of pretty women "Ladies, you'd better be working hard - you weren't hired for your looks. Actually you were.". He then points to another woman and says "Not you."

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • In Spin City, Caitlin hired a guy who probably moonlit as a Chippendale's dancer (almost immediately after she chewed out Charlie for the same thing).
  • Alex P. Keaton hired Karen as a housekeeper, despite her being a klutz and having no experience. Karen being played by Geena Davis.
  • On Just Shoot Me!, Maya does an experiment for an article in which she sends two people to interview for the same job, one extremely qualified but homely-looking, the other a handsome but dim-witted model. The model gets the job, as Maya predicted, but she also ends up falling in love with him.
  • On Friends, Rachel ends up hiring an inexperienced young man (Tag) as her assistant solely because he was cute.
    • Rachel herself counts as it seems that Gunther hired her only because he had a crush on her and she could have the job as long as she cared even though she was not a competent waitress.
  • In The Office, it appears that the new executive assistant, Jordan Garfield, will be this. This is certainly what some people (Pam and Dwight, for instance) think in-universe. It remains to be seen if that will prove to be the case.
  • In the Married... with Children episode "Rain Girl" (s4e21), Kelly Bundy becomes a TV station's "weather bunny" at a higher salary than the station's professional meteorologist, to his outrage.
  • An episode of Simon & Simon has them hiring a secretary. They look at the first one, a grandmotherly looking woman with an impressive resume, but go with a beautiful blonde who doesn't even have enough sense to answer a ringing phone.
  • JT from Step by Step hires a beautiful model as a housekeeper despite the fact that she's terrible at it. She eventually quits when she realizes this fact.
  • In Restaurant Stakeout, Willie suspected that the general manager of a restaurant partook in this trope. He had two undercover women attempt job interviews for waitressing with this manager, and confirmed Willie's suspicions when he hired the young, inexperienced teenage girl over the older, but vastly more qualified woman. He even went so far as attempting to flirt with her.
  • In House the title character bluntly tells Cameron he hired her solely because her good looks. She's a good doctor but House chooses her over even better doctors because she's attractive.
  • A Kids in the Hall sketch had Dave as a business man unable to fire a French pyromaniac named Monique because she's beautiful, even as she's igniting things in his office.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
  • Courtney in Retail was hired solely for her looks and tends to take lots of "sick days" sometimes showing up at the mall to shop on said days looking perfectly healthy. But Stuart refuses to fire her.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • Played with in Family Guy where Stewie's nursery is cared for by an attractive but extremely neglegent and borderline abusive woman (she leaves the children unattended for several hours and at one point dislocates Stewie's arm in her careless handling of him). He fails to have her found out because Brian insists he keep his mouth shut until he's scored a night in bed with her (though calls the police himself when it turns out she has a boyfriend).
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