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Defensible Cannon

Good at both offense and defense.

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As per the Lightning Bruiser TRS, this trope is intended to be one replacement for it.

You have the Glass Cannon, who has a strong offense at the expense of defense. You have the Stone Wall, who has a strong defense at the expense of offense. Then there is this trope, who has both a strong offense and defense.

Note that defense here refers to either toughness and durability or being fast enough to evade attack, so a Mighty Glacier or Fragile Speedster could also be this trope if they also have a high offense.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
  • Shin and Yamato from Eyeshield 21 apply. Both of them are fast enough to keep up with Sena, but also have immense upper body strength to go with it.
    • They're considered this is because both aren't that large (but they do have ripped muscles), especially Shin is only 175 cm.
  • Ranma Saotome. Not only is he capable of throwing hundreds of punches in the space of a second, but each one of those punches is likely capable of shattering multi-ton boulders.
    • Hell, a lot of the Nerima Wrecking Crew count: Mousse can land some strong kicks, zips around like a fly and can take a considerable pounding before going down. Ryōga can easily charge around like a bull and is only a Mighty Glacier compared to Ranma and Mousse. He even lampshades this himself when fighting Lime, a super-strong character (even by Ranma ˝ standards) who is less than super-fast, which makes Ryōga realize that all those fights with Ranma have made him very very fast in turn.
  • In most animated adaptations Sonic the Hedgehog can be seen taking, avoiding, and dealing out damage in equal measure, sometimes to Made of Iron levels. However, in most of the games, he is too fragile to qualify
  • Negi of Mahou Sensei Negima! When he finally perfects his Thousand Bolts spell, he uses Black Magic to absorb it, briefly turn himself into lightning, and beat the crap out of Jack Rakan.
    • Unfortunately for Negi, Rakan was able to take all that punishment and turned out to still be a stronger, faster, and tougher Lightning Bruiser than him even when he's in that form.
  • Natsu of Fairy Tail. He's agile, strong, practically Made of Iron, and uses a very rare and powerful type of Fire Magic taught to him by a Dragon. Fellow Dragon Slayer Gajeel also qualifies, and he's literally Made of Iron at times, being the Iron Dragon Slayer.
    • Both Dragon Slayers are particularly notable for being extremely powerful with or without magic, as almost all other magic users are physically weak, and almost all other fighter types can't use magic. Some exceptions would be Erza, Mirajane, the artificial dragon slayers and Zero of Oración Seis.
  • Eclair from Kiddy Grade, who can take defeat guard robots and combat cyborgs twice her size. Fittingly enough her name means "lightning bolt" in French.
  • Father Alexander Anderson from Hellsing. He can regenerate from headshots with large-calibre explosive rounds, then close the distance and lop your head off before you know what's hit you.
  • Luffy from One Piece certainly doesn't look like he is very strong and resilient. Thinking that has been the mistake of almost every Big Bad of the series
    • Sanji as well. Lean and swift on his feet...with enough leg-power to casually kick aside massive beasts
    • Zoro is fast enough to dodge bullet fired point-blank. And after the time-skip, he is faster than a Fishman while underwater.
  • Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. Though, his speed has generally been downplayed due to it being a specialty of the main character. From the beginning of the manga, he's been noted to be very quick, even with a massive zanbatou. After abandoning that weapon, he's been able to trade blows with fellow Lightning Bruiser Anji and block gunfire with a well timed Futae no Kiwami.
    • Kenshin himself is every bit the hard-hitting speedster. While he's taken to striking with the blunt edge of his blade, he still manages to cause knockouts and broken bones. He's also managed to keep fighting despite suffering grave injuries, but that's more to do with his Determinator nature than to being Made of Iron.
  • Masane, as well as Cloneblade wielders from Witchblade are able to move at superhuman speeds, take quite some damage and kill quickly and effectively.
  • Gatomon from Digimon Adventure may be tiny and cute, as well as fast as one would expect. But she's actually a Champion Digimon and extremely strong.
  • Ginei Morioka from Rosario + Vampire is a werewolf, supposedly the fastest monster of all, but that alone wouldn't be enough for him to take out an entire building full of mooks. Actually, he took out only half of them, but it's clear that he's capable of getting in some good hits (and that he can take a few, to boot).
  • Birdy Cephon Altera runs along walls and jumps over rooftops like it's nobody's business. She can also punch through walls, robots and people without breaking a sweat.
  • Bleach: Soifon is the main example of the series. She's a tiny woman but is one of the fastest captains in the Gotei 13. Her attacks are based on her exceptional speed and use it to full advantage. On top of that, however, the Official Bootleg confirms that her strongest ability is actually her physical strength rather than her speed. As a result, she's the unarmed combat expert of the captains, something that allows her to use her two strongest abilities together and to their maximum potential. In the manga, her great physical strength manifests in bankai form. As a nuke.
    • Yoruichi is Soifon's mentor and idol. Soifon has spent a century try to surpass Yoruichi in both speed and strength but hasn't made it yet. Yoruichi's reliance on her strength and speed together is so great that, unlike even Soifon, she doesn't even bother to use her zanpakutou in battle.
    • Ichigo could be considered an example, as when he's on the top of his game he can out-pace his own Sword Beam attacks and produce after-images, but still can lob said Sword Beams that deal impressive damage. His recent Berserker Hollow form fits more into the first category, moving so fast that Ulquiorra can't keep up, but capable of ripping [Ulquiorra's] arm off and impressive feats of damage soaking
  • Naruto- Many of the top tier Naruto shinobi move insanely fast & yet can hit deceptively strong. Some prominent examples would be Minato,,Maito Gai, Rock Lee etc.
    • From Naruto we have Rock Lee. Despite being strong enough to pull tree-sized roots out of the ground, he is most often noted for his incredible speed--he's fast enough to slip past Gaara's fast, instantly-reacting sand shield through footwork alone.
    • Gai taught him well.
    • Kimimaro was probably the first villainous Lightning Bruiser and definitely was a sign of stepping up the Sorting Algorithm of Evil. His ability to control and harden his bones made him nigh invulnerable to most damage, and he was one of the fastest opponents Naruto and his friends had faced at the time. Gaara and Rock Lee combined only won against him due to his heart giving out from illness.
    • Naruto becomes one when using his Sage Mode and Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, becoming fast enough to take on the likes of Pain and Madara Uchiha.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist's King Bradley is a lean old man who moves with Olympic athlete level speed, evades bullets with ease, and hits hard enough to completely dismember a person in seconds.
  • The titular warriors from Claymore can swing BFSes like nobody's business and become faster and stronger as they tap into their Super-Powered Evil Side. Special mention, though, goes to Priscilla and Clare's half-Awakened form.

  • The Flash, whenever the writers don't forget how much it sucks to be punched by someone going that fast.
    • This has varied over the years, and still varies with the writer. In Wally West's first hundred issues or so, he could usually hit no harder than a typical athlete -- his aura absorbed most of the energy. As the editor pointed out, Wally would break his hands with every punch otherwise. When the Speed Force was introduced, it quickly became a catch-all answer to physics gripes; thus Wally's been delivering super-punches again, apparently using the Speed Force to sneak around Newton's third.
  • Reflex from Sovereign Seven was a specific aversion of the usual treatment of fast characters.
  • Spider-Man and Beast of the X-Men have enhanced strength, reflexes, and agility.
  • Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja has been trained as a ninja for most of his life and the deadliest killer on Earth. Though strong, he usually relies on his speed, agility, and expertise to defeat his enemies.
  • Wonder Woman is this version. She's about as fast and strong as Superman, but has to rely on her bracers to deflect shrapnel and bullets.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
  • Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon. His species is so fast that the only time you know it's there is when it's blown something up. He then uses this to do a sort of Teleport Spam in the final battle.

[[folder:Films -- Live Action]]
  • Star Wars: The Jedi themselves. They wield Laser Blades that easily cut through steel walls and bodily appendages, can perform acrobatic feats such as jumping long distances, and are more or less Immune to Bullets. Once Darth Vader is turned into a cyborg, however, he no longer performs any feats of acrobatics or speed and has been reduced to a Mighty Glacier.
  • The heroes of most cinematic martial artists, such as Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, etc.
  • The Beast of Kung Fu Hustle. The final Big Bad of the movie, he is faster and more Made of Iron than the Landlady and Landlord. Good thing Sing is faster than him after the Beast accidentally unlocks his true power.
  • Godzilla series:
    • Megaguirus is the single quickest, nimblest monster in the entire series, and still manages to pick Godzilla - a monster three times her own mass - off the ground, as well as take a considerable amount of physical punishment and be little worse for the wear. She burns like a gasoline-doused paper bag, but physically speaking, she can swap blows with the best of them.
    • Some versions of Godzilla himself also qualify, but none so much as his Final Wars incarnate, who shrugged off nuke-scale explosions that left mile-wide craters in the ground, while simultaneously dispatched his enemies with wire-fu maneuvers and amazingly quick reflexes.
    • King Seesar is a less extreme example, being an (allegedly) stone monster who barrels right into enemies with surprising speed and executes spectacular roundhouse kicks.
  • River Tam in Serenity; for someone that small, she hits hard as hell.
    Wash: Start with the part where Jayne gets knocked out by a 90-pound girl, 'cause... I don't think that's ever getting old.

  • The Vord Queen in the Codex Alera books is terrifyingly powerful. While she looks a bit like a Cute Monster Girl (or at least tries), she's faster and stronger than Aleran crafters using Bullet Time and Super Strength, crafts better than pretty much anyone anyway, can run up walls and ceilings, and is generally able to slice you to little pieces. Oh, and balest bolts bounce off her skin. To make matters worse, she's a brilliant commander with a massive, Hive Minded army consisting in large part of lesser Lightning Bruisers.
  • Max the Silent from Andrew Vachss's Burke books, despite not looking very powerful at first glance, is death in close quarters. In the event that someone manages to land a blow on him, it becomes apparent that he can shrug off should-be-painful stuff like multiple knee strikes from Muay Thai exponents.
  • Pretty much all three types of vampire in The Dresden Files. The Black Court vampires are known for being the strongest and fastest by a fair margin, though they possess the standard vampire weaknesses (sunlight, garlic, etc.). The Red Court ends up second in strength, but with less weaknesses (only vulnerable to sunlight, symbols of faith, or a wound to their stomach, which is where they store their power-granting blood). The White Court has none of the standard vamp vulnerabilities, and the least physical strength, but they're still a force to be reckoned with (at one point, White Court vampire Thomas Raith faces a ghoul that hesitates for about a quarter of a second when fighting him; in response, Thomas splits its skull with his kukri knife, commenting that it might as well have put a bullet in its brain itself by giving him that much time).
  • Literature/Percy Jackson/Titular Character can be this, particularly in water. Even out of it, and without the Achilles Curse, he can still strike fast and hard enough to defeat entire formations of Roman Demigods
    • In the latest books, the demigods are frequently caught up fighting a group of giants who where designed(birthed?) to be anti-Olympians. Although the more powerful demigods (such as Percy, and his Roman counterpart Jason Grace) can knock one down temporarily, it takes the combined strength of a demigod and a full olympian to beat them.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • A common feature of Heisei-era Kamen Rider series. Most of the time these forms are counted as the Mid-Season Upgrade; stronger and more impressive than the Riders' basic forms but eventually outclassed by the late-season Super Mode.
    • Kuuga: Amazing Mighty Form
    • Agito: Trinity Form
    • Den-O: Wing Form [[hottip:*:His default Jack-of-All-Stats Sword Form is no slouch, either, explicitly described as both fast and a heavy-hitter; but Wing Form is as strong and much faster.]]
    • Kiva: DoGaBaKi Form
    • Double: FangJoker
    • OOO: TaJaDor Combo
    • Fourze: Rocket Drill States [[hottip:*:For once, this isn't the Mid-Season Upgrade; that instead goes to the Mighty Glacier form, Magnet States. Rocket Drill States is one of the forms that only shows up in spinoff material and not in the show proper.]]

[[folder:Fanfiction]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
  • Masato Yoshino from Dragon Gate is a Fragile Speedster minus the fragile. He's the second smallest guy on the roster, but he can press guys his own size over his head, and knock guys much bigger than himself flying across the ring with a dropkick.
  • AJ Styles, while not as big as the others, is not only lightning fast and agile, but can casually lift and tackle behemoths like Samoa Joe and Abyss, and can stand up and carry someone who is using a jujigatame (crucifix armbar) on him.

  • Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao. The man started his career at 106 pounds, has advanced all the way to 147 (almost unheard of in Boxing). And his KO percentage has risen, while he retains the same blinding handspeed he had at lower weights. Ricky Hatton got a little taste of that combination earlier this year, as did Miguel Cotto, both men billed as "bigger and stronger" than Pacquiao, until he put a thoroughly one-sided beat down on both of them. Hatton got knocked the hell out in the second round, and the ref jumped in to save Cotto in the final round of their fight.
  • Roy Jones, Jr. Possibly the fastest pound for pound fighter in boxing history, Roy Jones also had incredible knockout power for the early part of his career. Watching Roy Jones is an experience in and of itself, he sits back and strikes like a viper. He's like a ninja in the ring...just watch his first knockdown of journeyman Richard Hall. I'm pretty sure he teleports at least once.
  • Sugar Ray Robinson is still considered the greatest boxer of all time by boxing experts. Thanks in part to his blink-or-you'll-miss hand speed and ungodly punching power, he destroyed his opponents with his unequaled talent and the sheer ferocity of his attack. Ringside attendants said it was like watching a dancer with the killer instincts of a tiger.
  • Mark Recchi is small for a hockey player who plays a physical style (5'10, 180 pounds) but early in his career was nicknamed "The Wrecking Ball" for his propensity to crash into opponents, many larger than himself. Pat Verbeek, also qualifies, earning the amazing nickname "The Little Ball of Hate". Unlike Recchi, he was also known for fighting.
  • Mixed Martial Arts
    • UFC Featherweight champ Jose Aldo fights at 145 lbs and is known for his amazing knockout power in his hands, feet and knees.
    • UFC Middleweight champ Anderson Silva is a tall, skinny fighter at 185 lbs and is known for his one-punch knockout power as well as his effortless evasion on the feet. He's broken UFC records for winning streaks and title defenses.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
  • High Elf heavy cavalry (Silver Helms and Dragon Princes) in Warhammer Fantasy. Lightning quick and can deliver tremendous blow - almost as efficient as the Bretonnian knights. Not as durable, though, but have better initiative in combat.
  • Speedsters in the Hero System can approach this. Obviously they are built for speed, but a high Dex score and Skill Levels in dodging can make them very difficult to hit, and the rules for adding velocity to melee damage mean that a speedster can, if he doesn't mind having a poor chance to hit, land a punch on somebody while going fast enough to circumnavigate the globe in a single combat phase.
  • Monks were intended to be this in Dungeons & Dragons. They were meant to have high movement speed and hit very often. Unfortunately, the 3.5 version is often considered to be quite lacking at high levels of optimization. The 4e version does somewhat better as a relatively effective striker.
  • The nature of the New World of Darkness character-building system dictates these -- damage is determined by Strength + skill, and speed is determined by Strength + Dexterity + 5. If you have high strength, you're quick and powerful.
  • Exalted: since there's nothing whatsoever preventing you from buying, say, Melee, Athletics and Resistance (for Solars), Dexterity and Stamina (for Lunars), or Malfeas and Adorjan (for Infernals), these tend to emerge quite rapidly. A Malfean soak/damage build using Adorjani run-like-the-wind and hurricane flurry magic is something you do not want to meet in a dark alley - her ridiculously high Soak and Hardness mean all but the most brutal attacks will just bounce off, and she's likely able to outrun a Bugatti Veyron and rip off enormous rains of radioactive blows. Solars are just as unpleasant, albeit more focused on technical skill and proficiency than weird Primordial power.

[[folder:Video Games]]
  • In City of Heroes, nothing's stopping mighty Brutes and Tankers from taking the Super Speed power pool, which includes Superspeed (to make you run fast) and Hasten (to make your attacks recharge faster). The Stone Armour powerset does slow the user, but that can be overcome with teleportation!
    • Then there are the Electrical Armor and Electrical Melee powersets for Brutes (and Stalkers). The armor set includes a power that boosts your movement and recharge speeds while the melee set has Lightning Rod, a top-tier attack that involves you turning into a bolt of lightning and teleporting to your target to hit them.
      • Don't forget Power Surge, which temporarily turns you into a person made of lighting for extra damage resistance.
  • In the ninth and tenth installments of Fire Emblem, Ike is a pretty straight example of this. In Path of Radiance, he starts out a Fragile Speedster, but about halfway through, he becomes almost as strong and well armored as the Mighty Glaciers, but also retains his initial speed advantage. He starts out this way in Radiant Dawn, and only gets better (barring slight speed issues).
    • As is Sety (who actually has the possibility of getting enemies a 0% chance to hit him) and the swordmaster class.
      • Pretty much ANY Second Generation FE 4 character. Except poor Corpul. Even those who'd appear to be Squishy Wizards , like Yuria, for example (Yuria's notable, her Physical Defense sucks, like a typical Squishy Wizard-- but due to the fact that she's known for "vamping" via the Resire/Nosfetaru spell, are fully capable of taking even the hardest of hits and shrugging them off like they were nothing) are examples of this.
    • Many of the "Mercenary/Hero" class characters throughout Fire Emblem gain great speed and strength gains. And are strong enough to wield the heavier swords myrmidons cannot.
    • Fire Emblem is full of these. In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, you could do this easily with Amelia, who had excellent speed growths and, if promoted into a Knight, access to the mighty General class.
    • Trueblades, the class that Swordmasters turn into after level 20 in Radiant Dawn, could also count, especially Mia. They have a ridiculous evasion rate, hit their target most of the time, and between all of their offensive stats you'd be hard-pressed to find anything short of a mini-boss or boss that can survive more than a single round with one; usually they'll end up getting killed by critical hits or their Astra ability.
  • Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog. He's the strongest character in the Sonic universe AND is capable of moving at super speeds (although not to the extent of Sonic, Tails, and Shadow). Some of the 3D games have flanderized him into being portrayed as insanely slow, but Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic X show he's still got some speed post-Sonic Adventure 2.
    • In Sonic Chronicles, Sonic is the Jack-of-All-Stats except for being the fastest character in the game. In the usual gaming fare, he's a Fragile Speedster and somewhat of a Glass Cannon but it really just depends on whether you can hold on to a single ring. In Sonic Unleashed, he does indeed play this straight, as he is able to move fast, destroy tough enemies, and lose only 20 rings per hit.
    • All of the "Power" characters in Sonic Heroes (Knuckles, Big, Omega, Vector) are this. They can break huge blocks of stone but have no trouble navigating loops and corkscrews as the "Speed" characters do. When balanced for competition, however, they're Mighty Glaciers instead.
    • Sonic's "Sonic boost" ability makes him into one of these.
  • Alex Mercer of [PROTOTYPE] just seems like a guy in a hoodie and jacket. But he can run fast enough to scale buildings and outrun helicopters. And can lift cars above his head, dropkick people to send them flying a block away. And let's not even go into his blades, tentacles, claws, clubs, or shapeshifting powers.
    • It helps that he has a ton of mass, to the point where a four-foot drop to the ground will result in cracked pavement and simply standing on a tank will noticeably slow it down; definitely a hard-hitting speedster.
    • The sequel gives protagonist James Heller similar powers, and a comparison between the two reveals that Mercer is stronger, but Heller is much faster.
  • Oswald the Shadow Knight, from Odin Sphere. Strongest, toughest character in the game, with good speed and jumping power. Also hits even harder and moves faster when he uses his Shadow Form. Other characters in the game are capable of blocking for highly increased damage resistance or have ranged normal attacks, and some special double-jump power, like flight. Oswald's just meant to rush in and rip things to pieces.
  • Backyard Sports: Pablo Sanchez. There's a reason why he's a Memetic Badass.
  • Citan from Xenogears. He starts off as a Bare-Fisted Monk, with the highest speed and HP of all the characters (plus, enough attack power to compete with a weapon user). But then, as if he wasn't broken already, he eventually gets a sword, making him the strongest character BY FAR.
  • Dante from Devil May Cry looks like any other human, as many of the bosses assume. However, his devil heritage gives him both the Healing Factor to shrug off humanly-fatal wounds and the power and speed to tear enemies a new one with ease. At least in cutscenes.
  • Ayla of Chrono Trigger. She uses only physical attacks, as she was born before humans gained the power to use magic. She hits harder than anyone else in the game at that point, AND out-speeds over half the character roster. Conveniently, you get the Berserker Ring not long before. Add in her late weapon that does 9999 damage on a critical, and you got a powerhouse on your hands. Most of the other characters can accomplish this with proper tweaking of stats.
  • Ratchet is a pretty good example. He's a quick, nimble hero capable of platforming his way around the levels. Yet he is also able to shrug off rockets to the face and carries more firepower than the entire U.S. Military could possibly ever dream of.
  • Marisa Kirisame of Touhou. Her bullets fire mainly in front of her, dishing out narrow but concentrated damage, and she moves faster than Reimu, who in many games is the only other playable character.
    • Marisa B aka Marisa Bugged, aka Marisa Broken from Mountain Of Faith (and even Subterranean Animism, though to a lesser extent, which makes one wonder whether the bug may have been intended) takes this to ridiculous extremes. The game contains a bug that causes Marisa to dish out simply ludicrous amounts of damage as long as her energy remains between 3 and 3.95. Marisa Broken is powerful enough to cut long spellcards to a fraction of their length, and to end non-spellcard attacks before the first bullets fired even reach her.
  • Beat from The World Ends with You moves around a lot on his screen to attack, and his non-finishing attacks do the most damage of those of the secondary characters.
  • In Hokuto Musou Kenshiro is more of a Glass Ninja early on, but definitely this once he's been upgraded.
  • In BlazBlue's survivable speedster group we have Unlimited Ragna. Where normal Ragna is a Glass Cannon, Unlimited Ragna not only deals more damage and is faster than his normal self, but has the health to out-tank Mighty Glacier/Stone Wall Tager even before taking into account his life-draining Drive attacks.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Not explicitly obvious in the original game due to game mechanics, but the other entries in the Compilation show that many, if not all, of the bioaugmented super soldiers or test subjects in the series tend to fall into this category.
    • This is obvious in Advent Children with Cloud, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, and Sephiroth. Cloud is ridiculously fast both on and off that oversized motorcycle of his, and is easily capable of carrying Barret with one hand without slowing down. As for hitting power, he has quite an array of Implausible Fencing Powers, including the ability to slice apart huge chunks of rubble and smack down a giant monster out of the sky.
      • Loz is strong enough to break and throw almost anything around (his "Dual Hound" weapon sometimes assisting), yet he also can speed between locations so rapidly that he has virtual teleportation. If he were only a bit smarter and ruthless...
    • Crisis Core shows that Sephiroth, Genesis, and SOLDIERs like Zack are not only brutally hard-hitting and insanely durable, but in some cases, bullet-dodgingly fast. The same with Vincent (at least in the cutscenes) in Dirge of Cerberus.
    • In the OVA Last Order, Zack is shown easily dodging machine gun fire from multiple shooters and causing the shooters to hit each other.
  • The junction system in Final Fantasy VIII allows the player to boost any character's Strength, Stamina, and Speed dramatically by linking the stats to the right kinds of magic, but Zell deserves particular mention; his stat growth is naturally designed to make him hit fast and hard. At higher levels and with good junctions, his ATB speed becomes noticeably faster than the rest of the party's.
  • Defying the common expectations of his job class, Zidane Tribal of Final Fantasy IX is a surprisingly hard hitter and has good HP, only balanced by his lack of heavy armor (of which only two characters in the game use anyway). And then he becomes a straight-up nuker in his Super Mode.
  • Vaan from Final Fantasy XII, by virtue of him excelling in all stats.
  • Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII can become this. Her final stats and abilities make her the Jack-of-All-Stats by default, and her strength is surpassed only by Mighty Glacier Fang. However, Lightning is one of three characters (the others being Sazh and Hope) who can equip five pieces of equipment (one weapon and four accessories) that have a set bonus that increases ATB recovery rate, meaning she can attack more frequently. Furthermore, the weapon she equips as part of this set, the Axis/Enkindler, increases her ATB gauge with each attack. Slap on a Haste buff on her and she will easily live up to her name.
  • Squall in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. His attacks come out fast and he moves pretty quick too. His Bravery combos are very strong, hitting multiple times and can instantly drain the opponent's Bravery. It gets even worse in EX Mode, where all of his Bravery attacks deal twice as many hits, instantly doubling his damage output, and then take into account that EX Mode raises the probability of landing a critical hit. Add in other critical hit-chance boosting abilities, and you realize about the only thing that keeps him from being a top-tier character is his slow HP attacks.
    • Zidane is normally speedy but not too powerful, his Bravery attacks not doing much damage but being very fast. However, Zidane has the impressive ability to cancel out his attacks and chain them into new ones in a variety of different ways, and a skilled Zidane player can produce combo attacks this variety rivaling the likes of Jecht and Golbez as detailed above. He also has the advantage of having equally fast HP attacks, such as Free Energy which takes Instant Runes to the literal extreme (almost literally instantaneous in execution), and many of his Bravery attacks can chain into HP attacks.
    • Prishe has fast attacks and high movement speed, and a unique combo gimmick that lets her chain attacks together, allowing her to strike with a fast-hitting attack and follow it up instantly with a slow-executing but very powerful charged attack. However, much like Squall she's held back by slow HP attacks.
  • The most powerful and hardest-to-recruit character in the Vanilla Edition of Freedom Force is Bullet, who has honest-to-goodness Super Speed. His most powerful attack is the same as his least powerful one, only it's done six times in quick succession.
  • Sora and Riku play out this way in Kingdom Hearts II. Their magic plays second to their hard hitting fast combos.
    • Xehanort plays this rather straight too. Makes perfect sense, given how he's the Terra Master Xehanort performed Grand Theft Me on. Terra was very strong but obscenely slow, while Master Xehanort had good reflexes and could teleport.
    • Sephiroth's appearances in the games count as well: he's got multiple health bars, beyond insane reach with that sword of his, is as fast if not faster than you, and swipes significant chunks of your health everytime he hits you - and he will hit you.
    • Birth By Sleep's Mysterious Figure takes this trope up to ten thousand. Almost every hit he lands on you will knock you back to one HP- and that's only because of Second Chance and Once More. If you didn't have those abilities equipped....
  • All three main player characters in the F.E.A.R games (Point Man, Becket, and the unnamed Sergeant) have Bullet Time-abilities that can make them extraordinary fast for a few seconds at a time. They still hit hard enough to instantly kill a cloned super-soldier by slide-tackling their ankles, and their round-house kicks would put Chuck Norris to shame.
  • NCR Veteran Rangers and Caesar's Legion Praetorian Guards in Fallout: New Vegas, the most elite of Elite Mooks; they have more health than a (non-Quarry Junction) Deathclaw and are armed with the absolute best weapons in the game and can kill even a level 30 tank character with just a few hits.
  • In Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd is the fastest character, hits fairly hard, is your primary and best meat shield (even with Presea on the field, unless she has Glory), has the best Combo techs in the game, which complement well with spells, especially multi-hit ones and those with stopping power. The one thing he can't do is use magic, a trait he shares with Presea. However, he proves he doesn't need it. Also, nearly every boss with a humanoid shape counts, but especially Kratos, after betraying you, who not only has a skill that allows him to chain Techs in any order, his casting speed is crazy fast, and he will randomly decide to shrug off your attacks and head straight for your mages. He pretty much never stops attacking, since he has very little recovery time from his techs. There's a reason you can lose this battle and not get a Game Over; it's meant to be a Curb-Stomp Battle, and when you take into account where in the game this event takes place, it makes sense. Especially since it is preceded by That One Boss Remiel and followed by a Hopeless Boss Fight with Yggdrasil
    • Tales of Vesperia has protagonist Yuri Lowell who is very fast and can deal out hard damage as well as take it. He's also one of the most broken characters in the Tales Series. See Game-Breaker for details.
    • Tales of Graces has main heroine Sophie, who is a fast and very hard-hitting brawler character. She also is a major healer in the party.
  • Berserkers in the Quake series, especially in Quake IV, where they have a literal lightning attack and can One-Hit Kill you on General difficulty. Also, Fiends and Death Knights from the first game.
  • The Demon Knight in Dragon Quest I dished out massive damage, had high defense, was magic-proof, and had the highest agility of any enemy.
  • The Big Sisters in BioShock 2 are much faster and more agile than the Big Daddies, and able to dish out a surprising amount of hurt. They are also probably the most terrifying enemy you face in the game...and this is RAPTURE we're talking about.
  • Wild ARMs 2 has the protagonist Ashley Winchester who fits this trope like a glove. Even though his build is average, he's got a pretty good HP, can insanely be fast even without his Accelerator Force Action, can deal good damage, and yet wields a bayonet that looks like a BFS. And that's not even getting into his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Arch-Viles in the Doom series are fast, can take tons of damage, are resistant to flinching, attack with a deadly line-of-sight fire spell, and can revive or summon enemies.
    • The Doomguy in the old games also qualifies. He carries an alarming number of heavy weapons and runs at something approaching highway speeds.
  • Shadow Man in Mega Man 3 is similar to Quick Man from Mega Man 2, but faster and tougher, and has the same sliding ability as Mega Man.
  • The Big Bad and Final Boss of the first Soldier of Fortune totes a BFG, is extremely fast, and wears Powered Armor that can withstand more damage than a tank.
  • Yuuto and Etrangers in general function as this in Eien no Aselia which is why they are valued so highly. While Yuuto has basically no skill in combat to start, he's still a match for all but the most skilled and powerful of spirits. Also, Eternals.
  • The first Silent Scope has Monica the Armed Secretary, who wears full body armor (requiring 3 headshots or two volleys of 10 chest shots) and is incredibly fast. The sequel has Sho & Kane the Lightning Bolts, who don't have armor, but are even faster than Monica, throw their swords, and confuse you with doppelgangers.
  • Captain Falcon in the two first Super Smash Bros.. games had the fastest running speed coupled with extremely fast, powerful attacks that lent themselves naturally to combos. He also had an average weight. In Brawl, all his moves lost priority, nerfing his offense and making him more Jack-of-All-Stats.
  • P.N.03's Blackbird suit, unlocked on a New Game+, has all its stats maxed out, making Vanessa one of these. To a lesser extent there's the Ultra Fusion, arguably the best non-secret suit.
  • Lancer, also from Fate/stay night. He's the fastest hero and also the best defender, thinking nothing of fighting over several other heroes at once (though Assassin unnerves him somewhat). Also has a cheap instant kill attack, powerful magic and a primary limitation of being unable to win the Grail War because not only is he not a protagonist, his Master won't let him win either.
    • Saber can go toe-to-toe with aforementioned Berserker, is Nigh Invulnerable to magecraft, agile enough to sprint on the side of skyscrapers, and she's one of the few wearing proper armor.
  • In the third game, Crusaders. Is able to sprint through half of the battlefield in one sweep(or even the whole with the right enhancements), packs high ATK/DEF stats, decent 35 points of hp and attacks twice. You can also usually get them as fast as on Day 2. On the other hand, they're pretty expensive.
    • From the same game and castle, Halberdiers. Though they're only Tier 1, they pack an obscene amount of damage, they are resistant to damage, immune to Cavalier's charge bonus and pretty fast. Since AI prefers to attack other units(namely, everything else), you can easily accumulate a vast amount of those guys and proceed to beat things into a bloody pulp.
  • Built properly, the Dovahkiin can be an incredibly fast, greatsword-wielding, fire-spewing, unkillable murder machine. Both the Light Armor and Heavy Armor skill trees include perks that reduce weight of armor and let a character move at full speed in full armor, and two of the Dragon Shouts you can learn let you either slow down time (Slow Time) and move incredibly fast (Whirlwind Sprint).
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (specifically, Ultimate), Phoenix Wright becomes this in Turnabout Mode (kinda). Despite having average at best movement, his specials become faster & more powerful, his standing, crouching, and jumping heavies becomes uber powerful Finger Pokes of Doom, and he gets the best level 3 hyper in the game.
  • Princess/Tsarevna Alena from Dragon Quest IV can be considered this. Starts gaining a LOT of Strength and Agility early on, and maxes them out around level 52 or 53, and because of the way Resilience is gained in the early DQ games (namely, at precisely half the rate of Agility), she's got the highest base defense to boot. Whether or not her average HP and subpar equipment options put her here or in Fragile Speedster territory is up for debate, but she still hits MUCH harder than anyone else on the team with normal attacks.
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 has the protagonist Nepgear herself. She's pretty fast, deals a lot of damage, and can hold on her own ground because she can take a lot of punishment. The one thing that makes her a Game-Breaker? She has to be placed in support role because the only way you can get rid of the Damage Cap throughout the entire game (unless you defeat and acquire the rare item from the highest leveled Bonus Boss of the game) is by placing her as support.
  • By virtue of jetpacks, the Assault class in Global Agenda alternates between a fast tank (flying) and a slow or even stationary death star (using minigun). Once you get the Combat or Crescent jetpacks, however... you can do both at the same time. FEAR HIM.
  • With the release of Mann vs Machine mode in Team Fortress 2 and it's upgrade station system, with the right upgrades and weaponry, Scout can deal a lot of damage and yet still exceed the health of an over-healed Heavy while remaining the fastest class in the game. This is because the Scout gains health for any money he picks up. When you have a robotic hoard all dropping wads of cash, some Scouts have been known to get to 700 health, in comparison to their usual 125.
  • Albert Wesker of Resident Evil, especially Resident Evil 5. He can move faster than a human eye could perceive, yet is able to punch through metal wall (not mentioning a ribcage and spine), lift and hurl a missile like a dart, and has a Healing Factor on the verge of immortality.
    • Maybe the most laconic summation of all his Lightning Bruiser features in one move: he can catch a rocket fired at him and hold it still; said rocket then exploding in his hands merely dazes him.

[[folder:Web Comics]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
  • Most of the freelancers in Red vs. Blue qualify as this, but special mention goes to Agent Texas and Carolina - like most freelancers, they just look like normal soldiers (albeit in armour) but are exceptionally fast and hard-hitting, even amongst their fellows.
  • Aries, at Whateley Academy in the Whateley Universe. As strong as the tougher bricks, as fast as the faster speedsters. But he's a Dragon for the school's Big Bad.
  • Mordred from Fate/Nuovo Guerra hefts a Rank A++ Wave Motion Sword that has a secondary ability of slowing down enemies by making their weapons heavier with each stroke they exchange, has enough speed to keep up with most speeders, and reasonable defense. As the war progresses, however, she grows closer to Mighty Glacier Saber Alter, due to the growing power of the corrupted Grail. Odysseus and El Cid, who have identical stats, have top-level AGI paired with superior defense and strength.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • Ulrich of Code Lyoko is a speedster, but also the heaviest hitter of the group and has excellent defense with his katana.
    • William might count too, as he's even faster than Ulrich with his Super Smoke power, and wield his BFS with terrible power and speed.
  • How to Train Your Dragon has the Night Fury, Toothless, easily the fastest dragon in flight, and with one of the most powerful fire blasts. Also, despite being comparatively small, he easily survives hitting the ground any time he gets shot down or loses control of his flight.
  • In Sonic SatAM, easily Sonic. Though in the games he is usually much more a Fragile Speedster, here he can punch and kick robots (kicking makes sense...), and when already running, throw things multiple times his size with his momentum.
    • He is also the only Freedom Fighter to have broken security cameras by throwing junk at them...with ONE hand...
  • Both of the Fire siblings from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • The same series also gives us Toph and Aang. Although you would expect Aang to be more of a Fragile Speedster, mastering all the elements other than just air really helps him with the bruisin'.
  • Mukhtar from the Aladdin series.
  • Agent Six from Generator Rex.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic has Rainbow Dash, who is a boisterous tomboy and has been shown to not only fly fast enough to accomplish the legendary "Sonic Rainboom" - the only pegasus known to have ever done so, including the two god-princess alicorns - but has since also gained enough control over the ability to manipulate it into a thermonuclear explosion used to utterly demolish a huge old barn. And that's just the tip of the iceberg; on another occasion, she kicked a fully grown dragon in the face hard enough to not only provoke it into going on the offensive, when the entire problem the dragon posed was that it refused to get up from its nap, but actually whine near-tearfully about it afterwards in conjunction with Fluttershy's amazing verbal beatdown.
    • Flying at supersonic speeds, hitting with the force of a nuclear bomb, enduring hits that would reduce anyone else to pulp with nothing but Amusing Injuries... Rainbow Dash is definitely an exaggerated example.
    • Big Macintosh can also be very fast and very strong when he needs to - being towed to a house doesn't even slow him down, when he's on the run.
      • That wasn't even Big Macintosh running at full tilt, he was literally hopping

[[folder:Real Life]]
  • Bruce Lee. Legend has it that he could hit a leather punching bag so hard that it would tear a hole in it and so fast that a 24-frame-per-second video camera would have trouble following him as anything but a blur.
  • Swordfishes. One of the fastest fishes in the sea, it can painfully kill an unlucky person if it jumps out of the water and skewers them.
  • Mako sharks have all the expected ferocity of a shark combined with a particularly fast swimming speed, clocked at up to 46 mph or even faster. They can shoot 30 feet out of the water and are particularly infamous for jumping into the fishing ships that have hooked them.
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