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Free-Range Fencing

In modern fencing, you move backwards and forwards on a strip. In movie fencing, you move wherever you damned well please.

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Fencing strips. They're 14 meters long and about one-and-a-half meters wide. And they don't exist in movies.

Onscreen, it's typical to see two fencers - rather, two people in fencing uniforms - swordfighting all around the room (or whatever environment they happen to be in). Usually done for Rule of Cool, in an actual fencing match, leaving the strip during a bout results in a penalty or a point for your opponent.

  • The fencing match in the remake of The Parent Trap has Annie and Hallie fencing all over the place, culminating in one of the twins falling into a trough of water.
  • Dead Poets Society has a couple of students practicing fencing. On a hill. Between trees.
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  • July 20, 2011
  • July 20, 2011
    If I'm reading this right, this about media treating sports fencing matches as if they were real sword fights and ranging wherever they feel like. It can overlap with Flynning but it is more about Hollywood getting the basic rules of fencing wrong. Also in an actual competition bout (although not practice bouts), the fencers should be hooked to electronic scoring gear.

    Happens with the bout between James Bond and Gustav Graves in Die Another Day.