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Free-Range Fencing
In modern fencing, you move backwards and forwards on a strip. In movie fencing, you move wherever you damned well please.
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Fencing strips. They're 14 meters long and about one-and-a-half meters wide. And they don't exist in movies.

Onscreen, it's typical to see two fencers - rather, two people in fencing uniforms - swordfighting all around the room (or whatever environment they happen to be in). Usually done for Rule of Cool, in an actual fencing match, leaving the strip during a bout results in a penalty or a point for your opponent.

  • The fencing match in the remake of The Parent Trap has Annie and Hallie fencing all over the place, culminating in one of the twins falling into a trough of water.
  • Dead Poets Society has a couple of students practicing fencing. On a hill. Between trees.
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