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The Good Chancellor
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As the Evil Chancellor is a plotting to control the kingdom by ursurping power. The Good Chancellor serves his kingdom or nation with utmost fervour, following the King's orders to the letter if he is noble or trying to migitate the suffering of his people if their intentions are of the bad kind. Rarely would they be seen actively opposing the King's actions since as a lawful good person, they must not let ideas like rebellion or jealousy get in the way of running the kingdom in the king's name. This often does not sit well with some rebels whom sees him as a moderate and thus must lose his head for being a supposedly Yes-Man to the king they want on a pike.

When meeting the heroes, they are usually the true people whom have the information to the situation at hand and not the king. The king may know of the secrets, but the Chancellor know the best anwser for them.


  • General Afir, in Mom and Dad Save The World. He is notable in that, while his evil boss (along with everyone else on the planet) is an idiot, he's reasonably competent and isn't all that interested in destroying the Earth.

  • In The Lord of the Rings, the Stewards of Gondor have as their proudest boast that they never made themselves kings, and ruled the city strictly in the name of the King until an Heir to the Throne returned. Even Denethor, as crazy as he was, never tried to claim the throne.
  • In the original Arabian Nights stories, Jafar, Vizier to the Caliph of the Barmakids, is portrayed as one of these... at least until he is executed for sleeping with the Caliph's sister.
  • In Interesting Times, Twoflower ends up as the Prime Minister of the Agatean Empire, replacing an Evil Chancellor. Discworld runs on narrativium, but luckily Twoflower seems to be Genre Blind.

Live-Action Television
  • Babylon 5 had Chancellor Malaki, a dedicated servant to Centauri Emperor Turhan. Lord Refa and the other warmongering nobles assassinated Malaki in the wake of Emperor Turhan's death because they wanted to put their own puppet on the throne, and they knew that there was no way Malaki would allow a psychotic megalomaniac like Cartagia (the puppet in question) to reach the throne. In the end, of course, they would have been better off keeping Malaki and killing Cartagia...
  • In I, Claudius (and in history), there is Narcissus and Claudius' other freemen. They might or might not count as evil (they were ruthlessly protective of their man, after all), but they were loyal to Claudius.

Religion And Mythology
  • Joseph, from the book of Genesis in The Bible.

Video Games
  • In Fallout 3, Scribe Rothchild can be seen as the Good Chancellor to the Lyon's Pride. He is the one whom knows about the nitty gritty details of fighting the Enclave.
  • Magistrate Lasselle in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. He's generally a jerk, but only has the kingdom's best interests in mind.

Real Life
  • Imhotep (believed to have lived between 2660 and 2600 BCE), Chancellor to King Djoser of the Egyptian Third Dynasty, and was the first engineer, architect, and physician known to history by name. He was such a respected figure in Ancient Egypt he was deified and considered a god after his death, something usually reserved only to the Pharaohs.
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