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A being created to manage or control a sub-dimension (typically cyberspace) and consequently achieves god status in said dimension.
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Digigods are beings created to manage or control a sub-dimension (typically cyberspace) and consequently achieves god status in said dimension. They are usually one of the most, if not the most, powerful beings in said dimension becuase of the overseer status the creator granted them. Digigods do not necessarily have to have almighty god-powers and tend to be more Olympian in scope, though usually they are the only god and not part of a pantheon.

Digigods must be created to be in control, they cannot be a character that has gained god-like powers and takes control on his/her own. If a creator controls the dimension directly or through an avatar they do not count as a digigod, but are instead more of an inversion of the Digigod (instead of creating a ruler for the dimension, they create a dimension for the ruler). Digigods must be created as 'sentient' beings that act with their own free will that are separate from their creators. Simply put: characters CANNOT BECOME a digigod, they MUST BE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN a digigod.

Digigods tend to be paired with the idea of a rebellious computer AI (please edit to use proper trope name) and with the cyberspace trope (hence the name digigod short for digital god). Despite being highly connected to cyberspace it is entirely possible for a digigod to have a magical origin and examples of such would be highly appreciated.

While digigods all tend to be similar in how they are portrayed in their own dimensions, there are three distinct classifications of digigods based on how they interact with the 'real world'. These three categories are contained, influential, and manifest.

Contained Digigod: (Needs a better title) The digigod has no influence on the real world and is only dangerous or relevant to other characters within the created dimension. Can sometimes have the power to forcefully drag outsiders into the dimension if necessary.

Influential Digigod: (Needs a better title) While he/she cannot directly manipulate or appear in the 'real world' they can control certain objects that are connected to its dimension. Tends to only appear in fiction with the Cyberspace and Everything is online tropes, in which case said digigod usually can control machines and computers to interact with (usually through violence) the 'real world'.

Manifest Digigod: These digigods are capable of jumping entirely between dimensions and fully appearing in the 'real world' with most if not all of their powers intact. Can also sometimes bring their armies with them.

Examples: The Architect (Matrix series) and the Master Program (Tron) are good examples of contained digigods from Western movies. They are all powerful god-like beings created to oversee their cyberspace but cannot affect the real world or people except for what enters their dimensions. (Note: One may interpret that the architect and the machines in the Matrix were the same mind, in which case the Architect would be an Influential Digigod.

Pharoah Man from Megaman NT Warrior is an example of an Influential Digigod. He was created by Dr. Light Hikari to manage the massive amounts of data flowing through the Net which connects all electronics in the real world. This not only grants him god-like powers in the cyberspace inhabited by Net Navis but also allows him to control all of the world electronics in order to crush his enemies with satellites, control hordes of locusts with sound frequencies emmitted by radio towers, and even rebooting his computer after the plug was pulled.

The D-Reaper and King Drasil (insert Japanese name here) from Digimon Tamers and Savers respectively are excellent examples of Manifest Digigods. The D-Reaper was designed to control the evolution of Digimon and to keep them from growing too powerful. Eventually it uses the same method as the escaping Digimon to enter the real world and decides that humans are an evolutionary error and begins cleansing the earth in the same manner in which it manipulates the Digital World. King Drasil was literally the computer database that contained the Digital World and entered the real world with similar power to when it was in the Digital World.

Yukio (Bleach) is an inversion of the Digigod. He can bring outsiders into the cyberworld in his handheld where he has god-like control over the world. He is not a true digigod because he is not a being created to control a dimension but instead creates dimensions to be controlled by himself. He becomes closer to becoming a true digigod when *Start Spoilers* he is given Ichigo's full bring powers, allowing him to manifest cyberworld dimensions in the real world. *End Spoilers*

This tropes consistency type is completely unrealistic. This is a character trope type. Status, origin, and popularity are unknown.
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