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Saint Bernard Rescue
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Saint Bernards are often depicted in media as carrying barrels of brandy around their necks, which was used to warm rescued victims from the cold.

The monks of the Saint Bernard Hospice deny that this was ever used in Real Life, and instead the early depiction came from an early painting.

The idea that the dogs could do this, or that a drink could even save someone from hypothermia was examined and busted by the MythBusters.

(All of the above lifted from Dead Unicorn Trope.)

  • In P.D.Q. Bach's "half-act opera" The Stoned Guest, a St. Bernard appears right on cue after Don Octave says "For who can save us now?", and the cast sings its praises until they get around to discovering that the cask around its neck has been drained of its contents.
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