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Reality Warping Is Not A Toy
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Reality warping is a cool power, isn't it? Definitely. But here is the catch. It can make your dreams come true but not all dreams are good. So what happens when a weak-willed person becomes a reality warper? Things go horribly wrong pretty quickly - suddenly the monsters under your bed are real, your Imaginary Friend becomes an Imaginary Enemy, worst case scenario you could end in a Self-Inflicted Hell.

  • In Spiderman cartoon, Dr Doom is all but weak willed. Yet when he tries to steal Beyonder's power, his new utopia is soon assaulted by demons born out of his nightmares and subconcious fears.
  • In Thorgal - Jolan's Imaginary Friend Alinoe gets warped by his anger and not only turns against him but becomes The Virus
  • The Krel from Forbidden Planet built a machine that could create whatever they wanted from the power of their own minds, but even so advanced and philanthropic (sic) a race weren't immune to the monsters from their ids.
  • A lighthearted example happens to Bat Mite in Batman The Brave And The Bold. Since he was living vicariously through Batman (tossing foes at him just to see him battle) Batman convinces him to cut the middle man out and do it himself. Problem is, his imagination started running away with him and he started fighting all of Batman's Rogues Gallery at once in a Dali-esque world. Batman basically had to talk him down / bail him out.
  • pretty much the plot of Sphere.
  • In Franken Fran, a bullied boy is given a treatment that allows his body to adapt to his thoughts, reforming according to his whims but also instincts and self image. He is mostly happy with it, barring a short episode of Naughty Tentacles but when he gets depressed... well, considering the rest of the chapters, he got let off easy but still...
  • The Web Comics minus ends with innocent little Minus acccidentally killing everyone on the planet. It's played for laughs, though, because Death Is a Slap on the Wrist.
  • A minor example in Misfile. A fortune teller in in a relationship that turns sour through a series of bizarre coincidences. It turns out that her playing with magic has coalesced her anxiety into a sentient being that seeks to make her fears come true.
  • There was a short story describing a man in a psychiatric hospital, who developed reality-warping powers. He spends the story exploring his abilities, watching humanity and moving them like pawns. Until he squishes one pawn that wouldn't move... only to realize it was himself
  • in Red Dwarf when Rimmer is plugged into the Better Than Life total immersion videogame (a sort of lucid dream generator where anything is possible) it didn't occur to anyone that his subconscious would lead to all the players being tormented...
  • Both implied (I forget where exactly) and applied (The last couple of pages of Blood of Amber, and the beginning of Sign of Chaos) in the Merlin cycle of Roger Zelazny's 'Chronicles of Amber', this is the reason that they don't take hallucinogenic drugs.
  • Subverted in World of Darkness of all places. The Marauders (the only faction prone to warp reality without explicitly meaning to) usually like what they get. Then again, they are all clinically insane.
  • In Bleach the Artifact of Doom stretches the rules of probability to let its owner achieve his heart's desire. For Aizen the desire is power and for most of the series it works fine for him - he becomes The Juggernaut capable of curbstomping most of the remaining staff combined. The problem is, he associates humans (including shinigami) with weakness... while he is in control of the situation he stays close to Bishonen Line. But once he meets his equal and suffers a Villainous Breakdown, the artifact dutifully fulfills his wish for more power, by "evolving" him into a full-blown Eldritch Abomination.
  • In one Marvel comic Beyonder rants about being Blessed with Suck. He is literally omnipotent reality warper - his every thought defines reality around him. While it never directly works against him, it means he cannot really experience anything, since everything becomes what he expects - he literally lives his life surrounded by nothing but figments of his imagination.
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