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Apathy Land

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I just have to ask, Do We Have This One??

There's a Broken Masquerade in this setting, yet because of the Weirdness Censor, Muggles refuse to acknowledge strangeness. No, this isn't a Fisher Kingdom, because the inhabitants don't undergo a significant change in mentality or physiology to change along with the world. Nor is this Cloud Cuckoo Land, where the Fish out of Water discovers what he considers strange is normal in this foreign place. This trope is about a setting where normal people look once at the wierdness all around them and then go about their daily business as usual, only stopping to remark on how nice that vampire who held the door for them was.

Put plainly, the Weirdness Censor is enforced in Apathy Land because the Muggles just don't care, or, more likely, stopped caring at some point because the strangeness stopped being news to them.

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