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Word Of Saint Paul
An explanation offered by someone involved in a work, but not being its primary creator
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Up for Grabs. I'm not sure I'm ready to do the launching job, but I'm doing a general cleanup and consolidation to prepare for launching. One question about examples, however: I have at least one example of an in-work Word of Saint Paul. The question is how do we handle that? I've just included it as-is right now, but it's reasonably common in Alternative History.

Once a work has been published to general acclaim, speculation runs rampant. What did X really mean? How could Y do that? How are we supposed to interpret Z? For some reason or another, the primary creator keeps quiet, so when someone else with at least some authorative status to the work says something, it can be easily accepted and incorporated into the common view.

Do note that Word of Saint Paul might contain mistakes or misunderstandings of the original creator. Thus, they can easily carry the germ for future debates.

The dividing lines between Word of God, Word of Saint Paul, and Word of Dante are somewhat fluid, but if it can be reasonably supposed that someone has had a role in creating the work, or a close personal relation to the primary creator, then it is probably Word of Saint Paul instead of Word of Dante.

In a film or TV series, typical sources of Word of Saint Paul are the primary actors, the cameraman, or the score writer. In literature, it can be the author's spouse, the editor, or the publisher.

Named for Saint Paul the Apostle, who through diligent missionary and organisation work very much changed Christianity from a minor Jewish sect into a budding world religion, while at the same time changing and adding lots of things to what Jesus said.


  • When interviewed about his role in Inception, Michael Caine asserted that any scene he was in was one guaranteed to be in the real world. This either explains the film or makes the Mind Screw even more confusing.
    • A costume designer stated that the last scene showing Cobb's children in fact used different children from an earlier scene and they were wearing slightly different shirts, which suggests that the final scene isn't a dream.
  • In commentary on Scott Pilgrim Versus The World, Aubrey Plaza, who plays Julie, asserted that her character had (and possibly has) an unrequited crush on Scott, which is why she's so hostile to him. While Bryan Lee O'Malley, the creator of the original Scott Pilgrim comics, responded that Plaza was "making shit up", Edgar Wright, the director of the film adaptation, supported this view.
  • The last Harry Potter film suggests a romance (or at least a one-sided crush by Neville) between Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, which is a widely fanon supported couple, but not one that happens in canon. Mathew Lewis, who plays Neville, asserted the two had a brief fling, but ended up marrying their canonical partners.
  • Haruo Nakajima (The original actor who played Godzilla) believes that the Showa (1955-1975) incarnation of Godzilla is female. However, according to Toho Studios, all incarnations of Godzilla to date have been male (Yes, even the remake version).
  • Johnny Depp has said that Jack Sparrow has syphilis.

  • In Heirs Of Alexandria, Christianity gained another early high-powered missionary and organiser in Hypatia, and thus split into two groups, based on different Word of Saint Paul's: the Pauline branch and the Petrine branch.
  • Virginia Heinlein shaped a lot of how Robert A. Heinlein was viewed by regulating which of his book were published, and how, according to Frederik Pohl.
  • August Derleth shaped much of the popular understanding of the Lovecraft Mythos, and codified a lot of it.
  • To a similar degree, that is true of Lin Carter with the work of Robert E. Howard.

Live-Action TV

Western Animation
  • Long before Candace and Jeremy were an established couple in Phineas and Ferb, Jeremy's voice actor commented that Jeremy liked Candace back. Of course, it really wasn't all that hard to figure out, but still.

Real Life
  • Saint Paul is the trope namer, and there's a lot of debate about whether his opinions, particular those about women, reflect those of Jesus.
  • The most famous real-world example (apart from S:t Paul) is probably Friedrich Engels. He worked closely with Marx, and did a lot to popularise and explain Marx's theories. However, he didn't have Marx's philosophical schooling, and thus misunderstood several elements, and made those misunderstandings stick around. To his credit, there was probably noone else around who could do even remotely as good a job.

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