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The Adaptation

A story is adapted from one medium to another

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Seems we're missing the adaptation supertrope, although we have The Remake. So here it is. Can't think of any examples that aren't covered by a subtrope, but maybe I'm missing some. If not, it can just be an example-less supertrope/index.

There are many mediums for stories to be told in these days. It has become increasingly common to adapt a story told in one medium into another medium in order to reach a larger audience (and further fleece your existing fanbase, while you're at it).

Some adaptations are relatively simple to perform, such as a graphic novel form of an animated show. Others require more thought and effort, such as adapting a long novel or series of novels to an hour and a half live-action film.

The process of adapting can cause Adaptation Distillation, where a complex element is simplified for the new format, or Adaptation Expansion, where a previously simple element is made complex, depending on what the starting and ending mediums are. It can also lead to Adaptation Decay or a Pragmatic Adaptation when not completely faithful to the source material.

An Adaptation may also have a significant Tone Shift from the original work.

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