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Wormholes Are Blue
The tendency for wormholes to be blue
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Simply put, in a lot of fiction wormholes are coloured bright blue or bright blue with some white. There are several possible reasons:

  • A possible reason for this is because wormholes are inspired by black holes, and they use the color blue in place of black. That and if they were black in space you wouldn't be able to see it.
  • Cherenkov radiation (which is blue) is often associated with FTL and thus wormholes in fiction.
  • Blue (or actually slightly into 'near ultraviolet') is the highest frequency (shortest wavelength) light we can see (another reason why it's used).

NOTE: what wormholes really should look like is just a hole in space with someplace else on the other side.

See also Our Wormholes Are Different, Swirly Energy Thingy.


  • In the TV version of The Elegant Universe, wormholes are depicted as a whirling kaleidoscope of blue and orange. A rather egregious error, given that this was supposed to be an educational program about spacetime and should have known how to depict them properly.

  • The Stargate movie creates a blue wormhole.
  • Hyperspace in Star Wars looks like a blue-walled tunnel.

Live-Action TV
  • Many of the Wormholes in Star Trek are blue, though not all.
  • Stargate SG-1's wormholes are blue.
    • Also the gate apertures in all versions looked like a rippling blue pool of water.
  • Farscape wormholes seem to be blue as well.
  • The Slipstream from Andromeda.
  • Babylon 5:
    • Entering into hyperspace is blue (some times yellow) even if Hyperspace it self is like red nebula.
    • It was specifically incoming jump points (from hyperspace to normal space) that were blue and outgoing points that were orange.
  • On Doctor Who (especially in the opening titles) the time/space thingy they travel through is represtented as a blue-walled tunnel.
  • The portals in the show Sliders were often blue. The heroes' wormhole was usually blue or white and the timers of enemeies usually produced red or orange wormholes.
  • Played with in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon pranks Raj and Howard for planting a camera in a room he uses to relax to see what he does in there. He uses the camera to film himeself and edited in a fake wormhole generator test, with a light blue wormhole, complete with a Face Hugger that attacks him when he looks inside.

Play-by-Post Games
  • The Einstein-Rosen bridge in Darwins Soldiers is specifically mentioned to be blue.

Video Game
  • The Town Portals from the Diablo series.
  • Frontier: Elite II has wormholes created by ships' hyperdrives that are blue on the way in and red on the way out.
  • The time gates in Chrono Trigger.
  • Let us not forget the wormholes in Spore.
  • FreeSpace subspace is also blue.
  • The Jump Gates and Jump Holes from Freelancer are send you through a white-and-blue tunnel. Of course, Freelancer had to give their wormholes some kind of interior since they also acted as loading screens.
  • The Hypergates in Escape Velocity Nova creates a blue Swirly Energy Thingy when they open.
  • Gruntz has blue wormholes that appear during the intro and outro and when gruntz enter and leave a level. There are also generic blue wormholes that can be used by a single grunt before disappearing - their function is to teleport the grunt to a different part of the level. As a subversion, there are also green wormholes (reusable) and red ones (hidden, appearing for a short period of time) that do the same thing.

Western Animation
  • Wakfu: Yugo can create portals that are light blue, and there are teleporter gates called "zaaps" that are also light blue. Most of time he can only travel short distances, or to other cities via zaap. But on a couple of occasions in the second season his portals have taken him to other dimensions.

  • When Siskel and Ebert reviewed The Black Hole (1979), they specifically commented about how the "black" hole was actually blue.
  • The 1981 pinball game Black Hole seems to have an predominantly blue color scheme.
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