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World-Breaking Genius
The main character revolutionizes his world using his ability to think outside the box
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This guy's chief virtue is his ability to "think outside the box" in ways that no one else from his universe can anticipate. He's the main character in a story about how he bends his whole world to his will, changing it forever using only his wits. He might be a Machiavellian schemer; he might be a revolutionary inventor; he might be a Sun Tzu-like military commander. He might even be all of those things. He's not the wise adviser who helps the hero - he is the hero. He's a World-Breaking Genius.


Light Yagami tried to remake the world with himself as god. Bean and Ender destroyed an alien civilization. Lord Hamster, among other things, destroyed a city using a volcano. Harry Potter from the "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" fanfic is trying to achieve godhood through science.

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  • Light Yagami from Death Note tried to remake the world with himself as god. The story focused around Light's use of Machiavellian cunning to beat every move his investigators tried.


  • Harry Potter from the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality fanfic is the defining example of this trope. In a complete break from a thousand years of magical tradition, Harry applies scientific methods to magic with the hope of becoming godlike. He has a deserved reputation for doing the impossible again and again, in ways that most other characters can't even figure out after the fact. And he sure knows how to play the scheming game.

  • Lord Hamster is billed as the Perfect Warlord, and he can bend the strict rules of Erfworld in a way no one else can. He pulls trick after trick out of his sleeve, exemplified by his decision to clear the attackers from the besieged city of Gobwin Knob by erupting a volcano. He isn't quite as powerful as some other World-Breaking Geniuses, but to be fair, Erfworld is a smaller world to break.

  • Ender from Enderís Game used his military genius to destroy an alien civilization. He constantly pulled off the unexpected, ranging from his unconventional battle tactics in training to the final blow against the alien homeworld.

  • Hari Seldon from Foundation founded and guided vast civilizations in accordance with his plan to save the galaxy from a dark age. He managed this by creating his own field of science, namely psychohistory, which he used to predict what would happen to society 10,000 years in the future.


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