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Hit Stun Animation
A character is paralized out of pain
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Whenever a video game character is struck, he has the tendency of freezing from the attack, be it from a nice solid haymaker or a mere slap in the face. There are two types of hitstun animations:

Type 1: The character is left wide open after the attack, has no way to break out of it on his own and is open for many more hits. This is what makes Combos possible.
Type 2: A recoil animation, whereas you lose control of your character for a small window of time. This usually means knockdown.

The opposite of this is Mercy Invincibility, though there may be some overlap with type 2.

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Examples: Type 1

Type 2:
  • In the classic entries of the Castlevania series, the Belmonts had the tendency of jumping back when hit. This usually means death if there's a bottomless pit right behind you.
  • This is also the case with Zelda II. Use extreme caution when around lava.
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