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People can be so beautiful they glow.
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Ah. I knew I'd Seen It a Million Times, but I only just now found the existing article: Bishie Sparkle. I think that should become a subtrope of this, specific to anime. Does anybody else agree or should I just discard this?

O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
-- Romeo, Romeo and Juliet

Sometimes accompanied by slow-motion and a Hot Wind, an attractive character will appear to be shining. This is often used as the dramatic entrance of a romantic lead, and/or to show love at first sight. Can be glowing solely in the eyes of the other romantic lead, indicated by cuts to them gasping, or the environment can just happen to put a spotlight on that one character. Which makes it possible in real life, but highly unlikely. Variations include beams of light, sparkles, and sunlight shining through hair or clothes.

Alternatively, the character could actually glow, sparkle, or otherwise shine as part of their natural anatomy.

Most common in, but absolutely not restricted to, visual mediums such as films and art. The subtrope specific to anime is Bishie Sparkle.

As the quote at the top implies, this trope is at least Older Than Steam. It possibly came about as a reference to angels, or just an eternal association of light with goodness and beauty.

A subtrope of Rule of Romantic and sometimes Empathic Environment. Related to Holy Backlight in that it's a very similar phenomenon, but restricted to beauty rather than power, wisdom, holiness or other attributes. Possibly related to Gaussian Girl. Compare Hair of Gold and White-Haired Pretty Girl, who are also beauties of light, but in terms of colouring.

  • Happens at least 3 times in Rio: twice when Blu sees Jewel, and once when Túlio sees Linda.

  • In The Sims 2 Night Life expansion pack, Sims can be told to 'Scope Room'. If there happens to be somebody who they find attractive according to their 'Chemistry' in the room at this time, this somebody will begin to shine and sparkle, to the appreciation of the scoping Sim.

  • All the vampires in Twilight sparkle in the sun; this is a biological mechanism designed to attract humans, their prey.

  • The stars in Stardust shine (weirdly enough), especially when they are happy and in love.
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