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Not So Perfect Stance
The characters assure us this martial arts stance is perfect, but we're not so sure.
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I'm not sure if this should be added so I won't make a big description yet. I'll explain it first and see if people like it.

Most often this occurs when a fighter is supposed to be just PERFECT, but the problem is that the animator or choreographer (depending on whether it's live action or animated) doesn't actually know martial arts. As a result we get crazy "perfect" poses that are awkward as Hell. Alternately, we might find the character just standing there, not in a stance at all, yet the other characters assure us that their stance is absolutely flawless.

Differs from Artistic License Martial Arts, because that trope is all about flashy moves like spinning kicks and flying punches, whereas this is specifically about the character's stance.

A few examples:

  • In Dragon Ball, when Goku fights the mummy in the Baba arc, his opponent keeps insisting that "his stance is perfect" and "I can't find a single opening anywhere on his body." When the camera pans over to show us Goku he's just standing there with his hands at his sides, completely undefended.

  • And an example of Type 1: Death the Kid's truly awkward "Mortal Sin Stance" from Soul Eater. Doubles as Gun Fu, but we do see him use it without his weapons as well.
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