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Really Likes Their Sleep
A character enjoys sleeping
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This trope describes a character that is fond of sleeping. They frequently take naps and may outright consider sleeping to be an art or hobby and will often beg for Five More Minutes when woken up or violently attack the awaker.

Compare Big Eater who has a similar attitude towards eating and often has this trait. Often overlaps with Heavy Sleeper (hard to wake up), Sleepyhead (dozes off often), and Not a Morning Person (Exactly What It Says on the Tin).

  • Lillian from Go Get a Roomie! sees sleeping (or dreaming to be precise) as the sole purpose of existance, at least until she meets Roomie and even then Roomie is only able to get through to her after expressing interest in her dreams.
  • Lyner Barsett from Ar tonelico considers sleeping ot be one of the most enjoyable activities there is.
  • Garfield is very fond of his catnaps.
  • Rukawa from Slam Dunk declares sleeping to be his hobby.
  • Brak from The Brak Show. Once, he could be heard muttering, "I sure like sleeping. I wish I could wake up so I could go back to sleep again."
  • Leji, the school teacher from Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu, typically tries to make the school days revolve around naps. His name sounds like the Japanese pronunciation of "Lazy".
  • The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul: Odin really likes sleeping in the old folks home he's in. When he's not sleeping he's thinking about sleeping, or his bed, or fresh linins.
  • In Harry Turtledove's Ruled Britannia, Diego, the only servant of the Spanish playwright and soldier Lope, finds every excuse to sleep that he can, and seems to consider it his primary hobby.
  • In the Indie hit Mystery Train, Mitsuko explains her deep, abiding love of sleep, adding, "and when I die, I'll never sleep again".
  • Haar from Fire Emblem 9 and 10

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