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Background Character Mockery
Background characters are mocked in-universe.
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Do We Have This One??
You think you can give up that easy? This is why you guys aren't main characters!

Being a background character can be tough, you know? Little to no days in the limelight, and even then it's short lived. Why are the heroes the focus of the story?

This is why you're a background character.

This trope occurs when a background character is mocked in-universe by the more popular characters.

Often overlaps with Lampshade Hanging and to extremes, "The Reason You Suck" Speech.


  • Lampshaded in Hot Shots Part Deux: When trying to recruit Topper Harley from the Asian temple, Topper asks about one of the people with Colonel Walters and is told that he's an extra.

Video Games
  • Quoted above is Valvetorez of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten mocking a Mook that saw no hope in the situation. Naturally, he explains this is a flaw.
  • In one scene of Sam & Max Hit the Road Sam is trying to dispose of a bomb:
    Sam: Max, where should I put this so it doesn't hurt anyone we know or care about?
    Max: Out the window, Sam. There's nothing but strangers out there.
    (Sam throws the bomb out the window where it explodes)
    Sam: I sure hope there was no one on that bus.
    Max: No one we know, at least...

  • Downplayed in BlazBlue, Bang Shishigami appears in Jin's gag ending of CS as the "number one sub character that doesn't mean anything".
Live Action Tv

Western Animation
  • Archer has Brett, who's been beaten up by Lana and shot by both Rona and Cyril. And got his ass beat by Archer after mocking him for having breast cancer. And was shot twice by Archer in season one before ever appearing onscreen. ("God DAMN it, Archer!") In "El Secuestro", he takes a bullet in the stomach early on and spends the rest of the episode bleeding there, even getting yelled at for not picking up the ringing phone fast enough. In "Drift Problem", Lana fires a machine gun at Archer's new car to demonstrate that it's bulletproof. Nobody else is hurt, but a ricocheting bullet hits him in the stomach. In "Skin Game", Barry maims him in the elevator and writes "Barry Was Here" in his blood. The topper (thus far) was when Archer was trying to break into Krieger's lab by shooting at the bulletproof door. The bullet ricocheted off the door, then a wall, then Cyril's pocketwatch held just right, then another wall, down a stairwell, and finally hit Brett a few floors down. Who gets chewed out by Malory for leaving such a large stain.

  • Camp Lazlo often did this a lot. In one instance, Edward displays his apathy towards Samson's complaints about being ignored by the rest of the camp by grabbing a "headcount character" and says, "This guy doesn't getting any screentime, but you don't hear him complain.", to which said character goes, "Yeah!". Edward then tells him, "You're not supposed to talk, either!"
  • Sit Down, Shut Up always derided the student population, since they were given very simple designs and the inability to speak. One such character was referred to as "Hastily-Drawn Girl".

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