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Everyone Remembers the Psycho
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Whenever one thing is remembered about a work, for some reason, it's always the pyschopath, Yandere, or a particular incident regarding said psycho. Alternatively, the first thing people will remember about X character is the fact that they're a psycho regardless of anything else the character does.

A Yandere and madness trope for obvious reasons. A common trope in the horror genre for obvious reasons. If a work is part of a Villain-Based Franchise, this trope is quite intentional. Works on a similar idea to Every One Remembers The Stripper.


Anime and Manga:
  • This trope summarizes Future Diary in one sentence. With good reason too as Yuno's easily the most infamous Yandere in anime.
  • In the anime adaptation of SHUFFLE!, the thing people remember most is the "Box Cutter Incident".
  • NICE BOAT!!. Also the games since despite only a few endings being violent, the bad ends are the most common association, especially the one involving the hack saw
  • In addition to her infamously violent tendencies, Lucy's yandere behaviour is well known.
  • Most anyone who reads Koharu No Hibi says Koharu's obsessive stalking and borderline insane behavior is why they keep coming back to the series.
  • Some people who read Naruto do so because they find Sasuke's increasing Sanity Slippage interesting.

  • Heath Ledger's nightmarish role as The Joker in Dark Knight eclipsed every other perfectly good performance in the film.
  • Debbie in Devil In The Flesh. The movie is basically about her being a Yandere''.
  • Norman Bates of Psycho, being a case of Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

  • The titular Carrie.

Live-Action TV:

Western Animation:

Video Games:
  • The first thing many people remember about Leviathan is the disturbing borderline sexual thrill she gets from fighting Zero.
  • Kefka's horrific insanity, sadism, and depravity in Final Fantasy VI are the signature moments of the game. More so in America due to the translation.

Visual Novels:
  • While there are tons of people who go insane in the When They Cry series, the psycho who's actions are most infamously remembered is Shion Sonozaki, due to Never Live It Down. This trope is also (no YMMV here) a major selling point for the series in general, being a Villain-Based Franchise after all.
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