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Camouflage Kiss
To avoid attention, the heroes engage in a passionate kiss.
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The heroes, one or both of whom are undercover or on the lam, are suddenly at risk of being spotted. Fortunately, they can render themselves invisible to any onlookers with a little PDA (despite this having almost certainly the opposite effect in the real world).

Typically used in a Will They or Won't They? situation, since the kiss provides some temporary wish fulfillment for the audience without actually resolving the status of their relationship (though usually it's only a matter of time from that point on).

Hitchcock subverts in Notorious, the couple kisses to get noticed, providing an alibi for their rendezvous. The trope is lampshaded by Truffaut in Confidentially Yours, where Fanny Ardant claims she saw the trick in a movie.

Subtrope of Forced Kiss
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