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Undersized Parachute

Parachutes in entertainment are often very, very small

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In animation and comics especially, parachutes are usually shown as being very small indeed, four to six feet being typical. This is most often done simply because a realistically proportioned parachute would reduce the user to little more than a dot or a line; a real parachute for an adult will rarely be less than twelve to fifteen feet across. This also applies to airship envelopes. Balloonacy and Parasol Parachute are subtropes. Sister trope to Improvised Parachute.

  • In Aladdin, the main character jumps from a building and uses an approximately 2x2 foot scarf to soften his fall. Try that and good luck in not reducing your leg bones to shards.
  • Undercover Brother. When Undercover Brother falls over the edge of the cliff near the end of the movie, he floats to the ground using his bell-bottom pants as a parachute. They are much smaller than a normal parachute.

Western Animation:
  • The Herculoids. Whenever Gloop or Gleep turn themselves into an Improvised Parachute, they're significantly smaller than a regular parachute - too small to provide the braking power they do.
  • Any and every Warner Brothers cartoon parachute.
  • One episode of [[He-Man He-Man and the Masters of the Universe]] shows the short-but-massive Ram-Man descending on a parachute only slightly wider than his shoulders.

  • Almost every dirigible in Girl Genius is ridiculously smaller for its lifting power.
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