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Two characters are fighting against or with each other in a battle, and occasionally they find themselves swapping their weapons with each other. The reasons for this are:

  • If enemies, the battle is so fierce they knock each others' weapons off their hands and have to use the others' weapon to continue fighting.
  • If enemies, it is to make a challenge of using each others' weapons, especially if they're not familiar with each others' weapons.
  • If allies, it's part of Confusion Fu, especially if they're not particularly skilled with each others' weapons, or their opponents isn't skilled at fighting against a different weapon type.
  • If allies, it's because the other is in a situation where their weapon is better suited for.
  • If allies, it may be part of their fighting style.
  • If allies, there are more people than available weapons, so they pass what they have back and forth as needed.

Not to be confused with Real Time Weapon Change. See also "Freaky Friday" Flip and Opponent Switch.


Anime and Manga
  • The final battle in Cowboy Bebop ends when Spike and Vicious end up dropping their signature weapons -- Spike's pistol and Vicious's katana -- and end up with their opponents' favorite sidearm just before deliberately launching final, suicidal strikes against one another.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Heero and Zechs fight each other in mechas with zero system (a sophisticated calculator program designed to give the pilot Combat Clairvoyance), Gundam Epyon and Wing Zero respectively. After both systems crash from trying to take each other into account, the pilots get out and after some consideration, switch their mechas.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: In the battle between Wrath and old man Fu in front of central headquarters, Wrath ends up taking control of Fu's sword and Fu is forced to use one of Wrath's discarded knives

Comic Books
  • In an issue of Frank Miller's Daredevil, the hero and his Arch-Enemy Bullseye end up switching weapons briefly, with Bullseye using the hero's billy club to good effect while Daredevil quickly discards the villain's gun.
  • In the The Avengers / Ultraforce crossover series, Loki forces Iron Man and Prototype to battle one another after maneuvering them into accidentally switching their Powered Armor suits.
  • After being lured into a death-trap by some villains, Captain America briefly ended up wielding Hawkeye's bow and arrow while Hawkeye tossed around Cap's shield. Luckily, those villains were the Death-Throws, a troupe of criminal jugglers.
  • An old issue of Marvel Team-Up from the 1970s had Doctor Strange and Spider-Man use a spell to give spider-man's web-shooters to Strange and Strange's magical abilities to Spider-Man just long enough to confuse and defeat a sorcerer armed with a powerful mystical talisman.

  • Happens in some of the sword fights in The Mask of Zorro.
  • One of these occurs in Big Trouble in Little China but to a less friendly degree. The main hero and his two allies take out a group of gangsters, then grab their weapons. The Supporting Protagonist quickly swaps guns with the Decoy Protagonist a moment later. Seeing that he now has a much smaller gun, he swaps it with another hero who bemoans the fact he now has the smallest weapon.
  • During the climactic battle of A Better Tomorrow II, Ken Gor and his opponent do this at the very end of their duel, which may have inspired the Cowboy Bebop example.
  • Jet Li's character and his samurai opponent in Fearless end up swapping their weapons, a three section staff and a katana respectively, in the last fight of the movie. They pause the fight to switch back when it becomes clear that neither is nearly as proficient with their opponent's weapon as their own.

Live-Action TV
  • Highlander: Duncan vs Xavier St. Cloud's final battle has this. Duncan disarms Xavier who promptly returns the favour with his metal hook hand. After some hand to hand combat both end up near each other's weapon and continue the fight with each other's sword. This is likely reason for Xavier losing the fight, as Duncan's katana was designed for two handed use making it awkward for Xavier to fight with one-handed.


Video Games
  • Used in a cutscene in Devil May Cry 3, when Dante and Vergil are forced into an Enemy Mine battle against Arkham. Usually Vergil's weapon of choice is a Katana, and Dante fights with a Zweihander, but they switch weapons briefly during the fight and are just as capable of fighting with the other's sword as their own.
  • Cave Story: after you defeat and befriend Curly Brace, she offers to trade her Machine Gun for your Polar Star (the first weapon you acquired in the game). You can decline or take the offer, and if you do the latter, the swap is permanent. Slightly later in the game, you end up fighting side-by-side through a few levels.

Western Animation
  • Used at least twice in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 series):
    • In one episode, one of the fight scenes reaches a climax when Leo arms himself with the Sword of Tengu, which was forged specially for the Shredder, while the Shredder ends up wielding Leo's dual katanas. This leads to a Single-Stroke Battle.
    • In another, the brothers are facing a combat robot invented by Baxter Stockman which has been specifically programmed to counter their fighting styles; they decide to swap weapons with each other in order to confuse it, though with some difficulty early on.

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