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A list of Shout Outs which a work has received, Trivia-trope
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This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab.

Have you ever wanted to see the ultimate list of works where your favourite book or series was referenced? TV Tropes is a perfect place where to create that list, or to get as close as possible.

A Shout-Out is something subtle like a name, line of dialogue, or prop, or sometimes something very direct like a title drop known to mainstream culture, which points to another work of fiction. Shout Outs are given intentionally, often because the creators are fans of the work. It can be used for Lampshade Hanging when the characters compare themselves to concrete fictional characters. Take That is a negative Shout Out when the creators want to emphasise how much something sucked.

Referenced By is a reversal of Shout Out and related tropes. It's never intentional for the work that is referenced, which is why it's listed as Trivia -- an interesting bit of information we like noticing, collecting, and organizing, but which in itself is not a trope. [[note]]There might be rare instances when creators have a pact of referencing each other's work in their respective creations.[[/note]]

See also Reference Overdosed, Stock Shout-Out and its subpages, Homage, Pastiche, Opening Shout-Out, Shout-Out Theme Naming, The Joy of X, Literary Allusion Title, and Actor Allusion.
The page would be an index (compare for example Tear Jerker and its subpages, TearJerker.Literature, TearJerker.Theater etc.):

[[index]] [[/index]]
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