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No one should be THAT weak
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You would think that a normal sized person who is capable of moving around in regular life should be capable of doing some mildly strenuous activities from time to time. But you would be surprised, carrying a 20 pound box up one flight of stairs and they are winded beyond belief.

Typically this ends up on certain characters to show that they have other priorities than hitting the gym, or it's just funny.


Live-Action TV
  • J.D. from Scrubs. While maybe not excessively weak (he got through about 90 percent of a triathlon even though he didn't train) the show plays a lot of humor in the fact that Elliot and other Love Interests are significantly stronger than him. He once tried a shoulder bump against Dr. Cox and ended up hurting himself.
  • Steve Urkel from Family Matters. He once tried picking up an 8 year old to set her on a counter and could barely get her there, wondering if she ate nails and bolts. This is rather amusing because actor Jaleel White was really skinny when first cast but grew up into an athletic adult, making this an unintentional Muscles Are Meaningless.
  • Most of the male characters from The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon once ironically labeled Leonard as being "The Muscle" of the group, as while he is still not very strong he seems to make more of an effort towards exercise than the others. During a "Battle of the Sexes" wrestling match Penny ended up pining Sheldon in about 5 seconds.

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