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Savoring The Smoke
Cigars are lit and smoked in an savory way.
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"The best cigar in the world is the one you prefer to smoke on special occasions, enabling you to relax and enjoy that which gives you maximum pleasure."

There are many ways of smoking. Some smoke cigarettes in chains, others smoke pipes and then there are Cigar Chomper's.

But sometimes people simply go on to enjoy a cigar like they would enjoy a good wine or whiskey. They smoke it to relax, celebrate or to enjoy another's company. They may just do it because its the thing you do in that specific moment, or because they are Aficionado, who reserve their cigars for that rare moment.

For these people, smoking a cigar is not something done casually. It can almost reach the point of ritual, with the cigar being first smelled appreciative, the end cut off (or bit off) and then calmly lit. Then one simply sits back, have a calm talk or drink something nice to it and enjoy. The difference between this and a Cigar Chomper is that Characters who smoke cigars like this only do it occasionally instead of constantly smoking them to the point of the cigar being almost an iconic item for them.

Additionally the brand binding may be shown, either a fictional or via Product Placement, to indicate the quality of the cigar as opposed to a binding-less "run of the mill" cigar. Sometimes, the land or origin or brand will be highlighted to indicate the quality. If this is done, Cuban cigars (sometimes referred as Havanas) are most commonly described as the best. Elaborate lighters and cutters may also be used to highlight the special moment of indulgence

In Real Life these cigars usually come from a proper dealer, out of a climate controlled humidor to keep them exactly right and cost more than your run of the mill supermarket cigar.


  • Independence Day has the "Victory Dance", which is smoked by the fighter pilots after a victory.
  • Starcraft. Admiral DuGalle carefully lights up a cigar while he watches the Zerg overrun a colony.
  • Starcraft II
    • Matt Horner shares a cigar with James Raynor after scoring an important propaganda victory over Emperor Mengsk.
    • Mengsk himself gets out a single, elaborately packed cigar and an equally adorned lighter out when Kerrigan is about to reach him. Though its not a lighter...

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