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Investigation Web
A visual diagram of a group of people being investigated or surveilled
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When a character is searching for someone unknown, they may try to find them by tracing them through the people affiliated with them. To present and record the information visually, they create a web with photographs showing the connections between the people they are investigating, with the person unknown indicated as a question mark. In comedies, expect some sort of comment to be made about the unknown person's face really looking like a question mark.


  • Played for Laughs in 21 Jump Street, where Schmidt and Jenko create an elaborate web of students, with the supplier indicated by a question mark at the top.
    Capt. Dickson: Who put this together, are you autistic?
    Schmidt: It is artistic, sir.
    Capt. Dickson: Cut the bullshit. I want to know who's the supplier.
    Schmidt: We don't know. That's why there's a question mark on his face. That's not the way his face looks, that's just a question mark.
    • In the second movie, the web has all the suspects indicated with question marks.

Western Animation
  • There's one of these in Watch_Dogs, but I haven't played far enough to find out what's it for, so I'll update this example when I do.
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