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Dead Character Walking
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Though a glitch or various methods, one of game characters is supposed to die, but somehow is kept alive, possibly with bizarre effects. Applies to players where Game Over normally happens, or able to do unexpected actions like World of Warcraft's "travel by suicide". Applies to enemies or npc if they are not supposed to be immortal. Does not apply if when fatally hit, die after scripted period of time or script saved.

There is 3 methods this can be done...

  • Straight game mechanism: Simplest form of all. Just die, and some games allows you do unexpected things while dead.
  • Glitches: Some form of glitch allows player or enemy to die and stay around and move around, and in some cases still fight!
  • Cheat code: First enable some form of cheat, then die. The unexpected interaction of cheat and dying code allows player to then move around for some length of time way past usual dying animation time.
  • Other: Both cheat code and glitch, or none of above applies.

Look at this video for a great example: Zombie Link



[[folder:Game mechanism]]
  • World of Warcraft: You can explore as a ghost when dead, and before you respawn. Before this bug was fixed, you could actually "travel by suicide", as in, die and walk while dead to the Spirit Healer nearest where you wanted to be. Now, you can only respawn at the spirit healer nearest to where you died, or on the site of your corpse.
  • Final Fantasy VI has a couple of bugs that allow you to walk around with an all-dead (Or all-zombie) party. Of course, it's Game Over if you enter a fight, but hey.

  • By a glitch, you could walk Zombie Link in a dim world. Different method allows Zombie Link to walk around in regular lighting, but nothing can be done anyway and everything are all frozen and many features are disabled.
  • Mega-man 3 have an unusual glitch where player could die in pit with explosion effects, but could then jump out and can't die as long as right button on second controller is never let go. The health recover items would make Megaman alive again.
  • In the Super smash brothers game, by a certain glitch in stamina mode, Both Wario and Bowser can become "zombies" where they can still be controlled and beat other players at 0 HP. Bowser could still win, but Wario cannot win at all after using this glitch.
  • There was a bug in Baldur's Gate 2 that would occasionally cause a monster not to register that it has died, rendering it undead in a manner the authors hadn't anticipated. This required either a reload or a hasty escape as the player would be chased around the area by an unkillable cloud of flying Ludicrous Gibs
  • Blood had a glitch where, on occasion, enemies who are killed by being set on fire would continue to run around in their on-fire animation indefinitely, unable to damage you but also invulnerable to everything you had short of explosives.

[[folder:Cheat code]]
  • Super Mario 64 have this if cheat code for float is used, and Mario dies, as long as death animation is not completed before float is used again.
  • In The Simsons:Hit And Run, there is a variation that lets you drive a wrecked car. Not surprisingly, Itís VERY slow.

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