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Token Petting Zoo Person
A Token Petting Zoo Person character.
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In a cast made either of Funny Animals, Partially Civilized Animals and/or Civilized Animals with humans and/or Demi Humans or just humans and/or Demi Humans, the Token Humanoid Animals are characters with either an animal's full head and tail on an animal-accented human-shaped body, and animal-accented human-shaped faces and tails on lightly animal-accented human bodies, or look basically like a human with the animal's ears and tail. In the Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My! varaint, they are distinguished from the other animal characters by having essentially human-shaped bodies. Often the Token Humanoid Animals are female as a result of the Humanoid Female Animal trope, but there are male Token Humanoid Animals.

There are two variants:

Super Trope of Humanoid Female Animal. Sub-Trope of Token Non-Human. See World of Funny Animals, Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My!, Partially Civilized Animal, Civilized Animal, Funny Animal, Petting Zoo Person, and Little Bit Beastly.

Token Humanoid Animal With Humans/Demi Humans Examples:


Video Games


Western Animation

Token Humanoid Animal Meets Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My! Examples:


  • Stuart Little is far more anthropomorphic than the other animals in all his book and movie appearances and in the TV series.

Video Games

Western Animation

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