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Don't think we have it. Could do with a clever name.

This is when somebody dramatically jumps over a ravine, river, pit, or other gap by driving a vehicle very fast up a ramp. Often, it's part of a car chase of some sort, with the jumpers either trying to escape somebody, or trying to pursue somebody who took an easier route that's now blocked somehow. Bonus points if somebody else then tries the same jump but fails.

Some examples:
  • The Blues Brothers jumped the gap between two halves of a raised drawbridge in a police car.
  • James Bond does this a fair bit. In The Man with the Golden Gun, there was a visually impressive corkscrew jump across a river, although for some reason they decided that it just had to be accompanied by a stupid cartoon-style slide whistle sound effect. In A View to a Kill, Bond managed a drawbridge jump in a fire truck while being chased by the cops. In The Living Daylights, there's a car jump to escape some pursuing Czech guards, some of whom try and fail to emulate the jump in order to follow him. Oh, and another one: in Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond jumps from one building to another on a motorcycle... over a helicopter full of bad guys with guns which is hovering in the street... while he's handcuffed to a Chinese secret agent.
  • In Speed, the bus ends up on an unfinished elevated freeway and has to jump across a missing section of it.
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