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Stock phrase for when things get racy

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A stock phrase used whenever things start to get a little racy. Sometimes a subtrope of Breaking the Fourth Wall. See also Think of the Children!.

  • On an episode of Jeopardy! with celebrities, one clue listed the MPAA movie ratings of PG, PG-13, NC-17, and R, and asked for the missing one. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rang in and guessed "What is X?" causing everyone to burst into laughter as host Alex Trebek quipped that "this is a family show!"
  • A notorious incident on a 1999 episode of Wheel of Fortune came when a contestant thought the answer to the puzzle was A GROUP OF PILL-PUSHERS. Similarly to the above, the audience erupted with laughter. Cut to host Pat Sajak, who said "Good night, everyone!" followed by a beat, then screaming at the contestant, "This is Wheel of Fortune, Joe!"
  • Ever since Steve Harvey took over as host of Family Feud, this has been repeatedly invoked. Given Steve's habit of What the Hell, Player? reactions to crazy answers, the writers tend to make questions that will result in at least one saucy answer per episode, which is responded to with some variation of this trope.
  • Piper uses this phrase toward Godiva on the Charmed episode "The Bare Witch Project"
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