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Am I Right?

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A Stock Phrase used by the group comedian, usually after some kind of wry observation. The dialogue equivalent of facing the camera and waggling your eyebrows. Usually used after an intentionally lame line.

  • Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender has been known to say this
  • Bubs from Homestar Runner used this during a Halloween episode while performing standup comedy, followed by the immortal line "Am I left?" (which Strong Mad found hilarious)

Contrast Don't Explain the Joke
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  • January 13, 2010
    The Simpsons episode The Homer They Fall with some Indians at a Bonanza reunion.

    Indian: "Thank you. I just wish Ben and Hoss and Little Joe and Hop Sing and Sheriff Roy and all your favorites could be alive today to see this wonderful turnout. You know, on the series, we were always trying to kill the Cartwrights. But it looks like Father Time took care of that for us, right? Am I right, folks?"

  • January 14, 2010
    Pretty much Truth In Television, amirite?
  • January 14, 2010

    "You had a bad day once, am I right?"
    The Joker, Batman: The Killing Joke


    "I mean, not only is she putting his life at stake, but ours. I'm sorry, but after four hundred years of death and destruction, It seems to me you get voted off the island. Am I right?"
    Cordelia, Angel, The Trial

    "I suspect the Admiral and Madam President would enjoy some nice, quiet private time with the former leader. Am I right?"
    Brother Cavil, Battlestar Galactica, The Eye of Jupiter

    "Am I right, Giles?"
    Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Shadow

    "Am I right, ladies?"
    Ellen, Ellen: The Ellen De Generes Show, 2003

    "I don't care if I killed a guy! You're my son, you have to look the other way! Am I right, Ray?"
    Frank Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond, Driving Frank

    "The bottom line here is that breathing should not be louder than a rock band. Am I right or am I right?"
    Zach, Gilmore Girls, Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospel

    "My housekeeper, she has it coming. Cleaning the windows means cleaning both sides. Am I right or am I right?"
    House, House, Whatever It Takes

    "Am I right?" [applause] "Evidently I'm right."
    Colbert, The Colbert Report


    "Nice clothes, gentlemen! I didn't know that the Salvation Army was having a sale. Am I right? Am I right?"
    Wes Mantooth, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

    "Do you find that this approach usually works, or, let me guess, you've never tried it before. In fact, you don't normally approach girls, am I right?"
    Diane, Trainspotting

    "I know what you're thinking now. You think we're all gay, don't you? Think we're all just a bunch of deviant lifestyle-living same-sex having motherfuckers, am I right?"
    Monty, Waiting

    "Who would have thought my sister had the legs of a thoroughbred. Am I right?"
    Rusty, National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation
  • January 14, 2010
    Sometimes seen online as "mirite", I believe.
  • February 8, 2010