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Match Maker Quest
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The Player Character has overcome incredible odds, defeated mighty enemies, and accomplished exciting quests. But none prepared him/her for... the Match Maker Quest!

An NPC (or three) are down on their luck in the love department, and can't seem to get that special someone to notice them. They're so desperate and mopey and apathetically resigned to their doomed loveless future that they will spill their guts about these troubles to the first stranger to cross their paths (That means you). Rather than find a solution themselves, they will ask you to do something for them, usually involving a Fetch Quest for some engagement gift, dowry, or plain old bling to impress their partner. Other times, it suffices for you to use your prodigious dialogue screen channeled charisma to convince their love to love them back.

Depending on the game, you may find yourself in the situation where you're fixing up everyone's love life but your own. Of course, some game developers like to play with this trope and include options for you to sabotage this burgeoning love or outright steal them from the quest giver. Occasionally, the match is already made and the quest centers on getting the parents to let them marry or helping them set up a life for themselves.

This usually results in completing a missing link in the Chain of Deals, or dropping some unique loot.
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