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Doesn't Like Morality
A character who dislikes both good and evil people.
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You have the forces of good who hate the forces of evil and vice versa. Then you have this guy who not only chooses neither side, but also detests them to the point of fighting them off if they get in his way. One reasons for his attitude is because he can't stand moral standards and the fact that he only cares about himself more than others, good or bad. And he hates it when people give him the With Us or Against Us phrase.

This is character trait of a StrawNihilist and TheWildCard.

A subtrope of Hates Everyone Equally. Compare Above Good and Evil.

Compare Stupid Neutral where a character thinks there's a balance of good and evil more than just picking sides. Can lead to Neutrality Backlash if he's unlucky.
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