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Magnetic Weapons
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Call it a railgun, a magnetic accelerator, a mass driver, a MAC, a gauss cannon, whatever, they all refer to the same thing: a weapon that uses magnetic fields instead of an explosive chemical reaction to propel a projectile. This is a fairly common weapon in science fiction.

Note that there are 2 main types of magnetic weapons:

  • Railgun (not to be confused with rail mounted artillery) - accelerates projectile along 2 conductive rails.
  • Coilgun - uses a series of coiled electromagnets switched on and off to accelerate a projectile.

It is in no way related to the trope of Sticks to the Back or Magnet Hands.


Video Games

  • Halo has its MA Cs (Magnetic Accelerator Cannons)
    • Along with the Warthog's gatling gauss cannon.
  • The Eden faction of Outpost 2 has a railgun as one of its weapons

Real Life

  • The US Navy has tested a 10 MJ railgun.
    • They are also planning on equipping a ship with a 64 MJ railgun in 2020.
  • Homemade coilguns and railguns are fairly popular among hobbyists.
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