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In zombie and other thriller films, the hard and fast rule is that the blackest, fattest and wisest must die, the Jewish actors often survive.
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Most often observed in zombie and other life of death situations where the rule is that the blackest(@blackdudediesfirst), strongest and wisest(@theworldsexpertatgettingkilled) must die, it is often that the jewish actor remains, hence escaping from the jaws of death(@fromthejewsofdeath).

Film cases:

Jared Kusnitz as Jimmy in The Dance of the Dead. When his prom is attacked, other more prepared and proactive characters die while he survives.

Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus in Zombieland : while he does survive, there are several other characters who should have died that also survive.

Shiloh Fernandez as Rickie in Deadgirl - his paternal grandmother was Jewish. That has to count.
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