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Just For Fun/Codifying Trope

Or, the 'summarise a character in one trope' game!

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The drill is easy. Pick a handful of characters from whatever work you like, and try and find one trope for each character that sums them up as fully as possible.

Ideally, we want to cover as many aspects of the character as possible. You can say that the bad guy is Red and Black and Evil All Over, but that won't necessarily tell us anything useful/interesting about him. We want something that will cover as much as possible, starting with the most important things like personality, skills, role in the story etc.

Please try and refrain from just using 'The Hero', 'Big Bad', 'The Lancer (or other tropes of that kind)', 'Complete Monster (unless it's the really big thing about them)' etc. Let's be a bit more inventive. Also, just because someone named a trope doesn't necessarily mean it should be their entry for this. For example, when you think of Mr. Fantastic do you immediately consider Reed Richards Is Useless?

(I haven't given any example works because I want to see if the idea appeals to anyone before we start coming up with entries for stuff. If you like the look of this thing, feel free! We want lots of characters on this, ideally!)
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