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Base Form Training
Improving the base stats to power up the phlebotinum.
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When a character has a Super Form or Powered Armor that derives its strength from the owner's base stats, they will train themselves in their base form to create phenomenal increase with their Super Form or Powered Armor. Can also include super moves or techniques that allow short-term boosts to a single attack or handicapping oneself in some way that requires even greater strength to overcome.


  • In Dragon Ball Z, Goku would train without transformations and rely on weighted clothes and gravity chambers to improve his body and power level so that his transformations became even stronger.
    • Piccolo's Split Form Technique would equally divide his strength amongst each body, but sparring with himself helped him push his limits faster so that he would be stronger once merged again.
  • In YuYu Hakusho, Yusuke was given Spirit Cuffs by Genkai during the Dark Tournament that required him to use his spirit energy to counter the resistance of the bindings as a way to rapidly increase his Spirit Power.
  • In One Piece, Rob Lucci of CP 9 references this trope when describing Zoan-type Devil Fruit as the ideal fruits to use for physical combat as your transformed states have increased power compared to the base human form.

Comic Books
  • She-Hulk would work out as normal human Jennifer Walters since her She-Hulk form multiples her normal strength.
  • Eddie Brock works out so that Venom will be even stronger.

Video Games
  • Any video game where some kind of Limit Break or Hour of Power form that is calculated using the character's stats.
  • Inversion with Kingdom Hearts II, Sora's Drive Forms unlock abilities in his regular form as they are leveled up.
  • The Pokemon Games invoke this. Unevolved Pokemon with the same movesets as their evolved forms learn attacks at earlier levels, so sometimes its best to stay unevolved and get your ultimate attack 10 levels early and then evolve so all your stats can go up.
    • This is especially true for Pokemon that evolve by evolutionary stone since that kind of forced evolution results in losing the ability to learn attacks by leveling up. This is referenced in the TV show with Ash's Pikachu outdoing Raichu's that evolved too early.

Real Life
  • Any instance of Powered Armor that multiplies the wearer's efforts or abilities, like current real life projects.
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