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Steam Vents
Steam vents as obstacles. Common in videogames.
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As suggested in DarthWiki.Tropes That Will Never Happen, here's one that's an actual tropable item: Steam vents as obstacles. Typically, they produce a cloud of hot steam right in front of themselves; this is the actual obstacle.

Such obstacles range from being minor inconveniences to being damaging. They are typically static or intermittent obstacles, but almost never move around, since the pipes they're attached to don't. May become Goddamned Bats if their hit detection is badly programmed. If they are minor inconveniences, they act as such by causing Interface Screw.


  • A number of these occur in Batman: Arkham City.
  • In Brave Fencer Musashi, there is an area outside of Grillin Village known as Steamwood Forest where random steam pipes spew high pressure streams of hot air; some shoot out steam at regular intervals to provide temporary obstacles, other continuously fire to create impenetrable barricades. After fixing the system that regulates the steam vents, Steamwood (you have to do this twice during the story), the vents cease to be a problem.
  • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth has several. They are damaging and can cause interface screw if they are releasing toxic gas; they are part of a puzzle in one location where they need to be turned on in the correct order.
  • Some in both Half-Life and Half-Life 2, some you have to time your passage through, others that are static and you just have to walk through them and take the damage.
  • There are a few of these in the construction zone level of Kendo Rage.
  • Sporadically used in Legend of Zelda games. Twilight Princess not only has a few around Death Mountain, but while it's enveloped in twilight, a Goron even laments that the appearance of one particular fumarole makes the path "impassable".
  • Mega Man 5: Damaging puffs of steam appear in Wave Man's stage.
  • Metroid Prime: Steam vents produce steam that can clog up Samus's visor temporarily.
  • ODT: Escape, Or Die Trying had a level where pipes constantly leaked steam. And you had to use the pipes for moving.
  • In the third level of Viewtiful Joe 2, an air vent serves as an obstacle in a puzzle. There are two settings you can activate. Either can block the path below, or let you ride the wind inside it, depending on which side you come from.

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