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Being first in an aspect is awesome!
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Did you know that this is the first trope to talk about the importance of bring first? And it's the first time we've mentioned this fact on this page! Isn't it amazing? If you're the first one who see this, so are you!

Just like being the best is, well, the best, being the first one to do something is the first (in awesomeness). In real life, people put great stock in being the first X, or the first to do Y, or the first to do the first X, etc...

This really only applies to accomplishments that can be repeated. Saying you were the first person to kill the Big Bad is pretty much equivalent to saying you killed the Big Bad, unless, of course, Death Is Cheap.

Super Trope of First Post. See also Second Place Is for Losers and First Installment Wins. Can overlap with Overly Narrow Superlative, if what they're first in is an extremely specific category.

Please include in-universe examples only - to list all the Real Life examples would take most of the internet.


  • An episode of Law & Order: SVU concerned the first case of female-on-male gang rape under a new law which basically de-genderized all existing rape law. The cops and prosecuters aren't even sure at first if what happened could be considered a crime.

Video Games
  • Cid from Final Fantasy VII was going to be the first man in space. Eventually he finally got into space, with a crew of other player characters (and Shera).

Western Animation
  • In TheSimpsons episode "You Only Move Twice", Homer's friendly new boss Hank Scorpio brags about being the first rich guy to wear jeans with a sport coat.
  • On the Futurama episode "A Leela of Her Own", Leela becomes the first woman to play professional blernsball, although only as a novelty (her poor depth perception meant that everyball she threw would bean the batter). She is beaten by Jacqueline Robinson, who, according to the announcer, is the first woman to play the sport well.
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