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Meta Competence

An actor's oddball talent or hobby is written in to the character

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You know that cool thing you can do? And how you'll never, ever be able to do it at work? That's because you're not an actor. Actors are blessed with the motive (entertaining the audience), opportunity, and ego to work just about any weird talent or interest into a character, particularly if that character is on a long-running TV show.

Sometimes the talent will be retconned in ("Wow, Jack, I never knew you were the Midwest Junior Kazoo Champion in 2005"); other times it will make up the centerpiece of a special episode. In some cases (Shatner riding a horse in his last Trek appearance) it's a final, respectful concession to an actor who's essentially merged with a character and has been waiting an incredibly long time to do whatever it is on the show.

An unintended side effect is that the actor will be asked to perform the talent (if it lends itself to performing) at fan conventions.
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