And They Still Live Happily Ever After

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In most stories, the default Happy Ending can still leave lingering thoughts of Fridge Logic that eventually more troubles and unhappiness will come, after the end of the story. Even if a "Happily Ever After" narration would guarantee that things will turn out fine, for the sufficiently cynical, viewer, it's still logical that the characters will eventually grow old, suffer a lot, then die one after another.

And They Still Live Happily Ever After is the ultimate solution to this: The characters become inmmortal, and enjoy it. Now they can spend the next hundreds, thousands, and millions of years together. Woo-Hoo! The technical problems of Who Wants to Live Forever? might even be answered with a fortunate kind of immortality.

Physical portrayals of the afterlife can also count, if they are actually portrayed as a form of "life".

As an ending trope, expect spoilers.


  • The Trope Namer is the film version of Stardust that ended with Tristan becoming a star, and living forever with Yvaine. And in this story, stars are actual, living people, not just mementos of the dead.

  • In Baccano!, the already large number of immortals got expanded with many of the protagonists.
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