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A stock pose and Stock Parody.

The cover for The Beatles' Abbey Road. It's an image that is instantly recognizeable. Four people (usually), belonging to the same group, cross a road one after the other. If the author is really showing their work the front person will be in white, and the third person will be walking barefoot.

Often used as a cover or poster. Expect long running bands to use it sometime in their career.

Movies or episodes discussing long-gone Glory Days of a Bob & Alice's band will often feature this pose as well.

For some collections of these images (some better than others), go here or here.


  • Seen in an American Express commercial with Jerry Seinfeld touring England.



Live Action TV

  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers repeated the image for their Abbey Road ep. Being the Chili Peppers, they did so wearing only the wang-covering gym socks.

Western Animation
  • It's Been Done in the Beatles parody Homer's Barbershop Quartet. One of the records Homer shows to Bart and Lisa. It includes a barefooted Barney.
  • In the Total Drama Action special, four of the guys had formed a band, The Drama Brothers. During their segment, the image appears briefly.
    • And in the intro to TDWT Leshawna & Noah are valking over the abbey Road Crossing.
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