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Why Did You Buy Me That
Someone puts alot of blood and sweat into a gift. The person hates it.
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Every now and again, usually in Television but sometimes in others, one character will find that "perfect" gift for someone else, usually a relative or love interest. They will procede to put their heart and soul into giving it to that person, sometimes even at great effort. It is all for not however; the person finally receaves the gift and hates it. This trope is sometimes played for laughs, but is rarely funny.

  • In White Collar, Elizabeth Burke's parents find a china-head doll she had a child. Remembering how much she loved it, they had it professionally restored, possibly costing hundreds of dollars. She initially thanks them, but then proceeds to go into the other room to talk to Peter about how much she hated it, and actually hid it. They overhear.
  • In Firefly, Kayleigh is shopping for a gift to impress Simon with. After finding a dish that she thinks he'd love, he walks in and starts talking about how ugly and stupid it is. She walks off heartbroken.
  • Arthur: Francine gives Prunella an expensive doll for her birthday; unfortunately for Francine, Prunella's sister also gave her the same doll. Prunella gushes over the first one but when she opens Francine's package all she says is "I already got that" and moves on. She's then visited by the Ghost of Presents Past to teach her An Aesop about being nice to people who give you presents, even if you already have one. Prunella is shown Francine buying the doll on credit, which she will have to take a month to work off.
  • www.whydidyoubuymethat.com
  • Dead Or Alive Xtreme: Frequently the case if you buy one of the girls an item or outfit they don't like. For example, there's the coveted "Venus" swimsuit--one of the most expensive items in entire game and also the most revealing outfit by far. You need to get your chosen girl's approval EXTREMELY high in order to get her to even accept it, and even then, there's still the risk of her tossing it in the trash afterwards.
In the Harvest Moon games, each character has a programmed set of likes and dislikes when it comes to gifts. More expensive or rarer does not always mean better, and characters can and will reject even extremely valuable items if they don't comply with their strict standards.

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