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Mother\'s Day Woe
Kid who lacks a mother is left out on Mother's Day or other related event
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Having a Missing Mom is tough stuff, and everyone knows it. Especially during Mother's Day or whenever there's a Mother-child event to be had and that particular kid has to watch everyone else and their moms enjoying themselves. Note that anytime this trope is in place it's only one kid in an entire class or group lacking a mom.


  • Grace Sheffield in The Nanny is almost kicked out of a mother-daughter talent show for entering with Fran, her nanny, who's taking the place of her dead mother.
  • Michelle Tanner on Full House is unable to be the mommy while playing house because she doesn't have one.
  • In a Mother's Day centered Baby Sitters Club book, Mary Anne becomes sad whenever the conversation drifts to Mother's Day gifts. She finally decides to solve the problem by giving her father a gift, since he's functioned as both a mother and a father to her since she was little.
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