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Perpetual Foot In Mouth
A character who is not good at interpersonal communicating
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"She said stop talking, I shoulda stopped talking..."
-Leonard: The Big Bang Theory

Some people are just not very good at explaining themselves. It's not that they are The Unintelligible, they just don't put together their sentences with any sense of forethought. If they were able to watch their words they might avoid a lot of problems, but it isn't a habit that's easy to kick because that is a skill they have to acquire.

See Poor Communication Kills for one-off incidences of this happening.

Compare No Social Skills. Often results in Digging Yourself Deeper

  • Elliot from Scrubs was notorious for just not being good at making a good impression, especially in the early seasons. J.D., on the other hand, was quite good at dealing with people and they would contrast each other. This is most evident in the second episode, where Elliot pissed off the nursing staff and J.D. coached her on apologizing. That didn't stop her from digging herself deeper.
  • Leonard from The Big Bang Theory is pretty good at interacting with people and is generally a nice guy, but also has a habit of rambling on and saying the wrong thing. This is most apparent in his relationship with Penny, she even mentioned that they tend to get along fine until they start talking too personally.
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